Monday, December 15, 2014

2014, Q2 Review

Following up on the first quarter of the year, here's a look back at the second quarter.

  • Given the way the Bruins have been playing lately, I'm a bit jealous of my April self, who wrote, "They're on such a hot streak, and it is So Much Fun to watch." I want to be able to say that again.
  • The job frustrations continued. My, how I do not miss that job!
  • Then, after some general nonsense of the type for which I am known, came the first inkling of what would be My New Job. Hooray! See, I knew things would get better in Q2.
  • I was still knitting plenty, unsurprisingly.
  • Hey, how about coming in for an interview? I guess I could.
  • Then I was gone for a while, celebrating Grandma's 100th birthday, and returned in a daze, which was at least helped by hearing more about the job.
  • In retrospect, is it a little odd that a dentist in Philadelphia commented on this post? it seems more like a legit comment than spam, but it's funny all the same, isn't it?
  • April finished with a quite good second interview, ahhh.
May I talk about May?
  • Waiting, and waiting...
  • Seriously, the titles from this period! "No News" and "Waiting" and "Not Really, No. Not Yet" and then, finally, "Waiting Rewarded" with an offer!
  • The Bruins were eliminated, ouch, by Montreal, ow-ow-ouch, but at least it was at the same time I was giving notice at that job. Silver lining!
  • And in the midst of all that, I went off to New Hampshire for the 2-in-1 sock knitting class at the Knitting Lab, and had fun! Hey, there's the cashmere for the little scarf I'm knitting (maybe that should be my plane knitting next week). I also bought a lot of yarn there.
  • I finally got official word of when I was leaving that job: end of May, yaaaayyyy!
  • After all the stresses I'd been under, it was a relief to feel things settling down.
  • I took a look at my stash of sock yarn, and considered the possibility that I have rather a lot.
  • The first mention of the cat Belmont, and the prospect of bringing her home. Eh. She's a sweetheart, mostly, and it's worked out far better than George did, but in hindsight I probably wouldn't have gotten her, since she doesn't fulfill the basic purpose of making life better for Carlos. Oh well.
  • I got the little tablet, upon which I am increasingly reliant. When I went out Saturday night to get groceries, I passed a holiday-based traffic trouble spot, and came home a different way because I'd forgotten the tablet, so I couldn't check and see if that spot was still backed up. Not a big deal ... but I've come a long way.
  • And to end May, I ended the old job, joyfully! Two notes to follow up about this: although I still have not seen my old boss (about whom I wrote, that day, "I NEVER HAVE TO SEE AGAIN, NEVER NEVER NEVER, ALLELUIA, do you hear the angels singing or is that just me")--I actually had a dream recently where I went back to have dinner with a few people there, and the head of the office was giving my boss a hard time about how she had to do something or other, and though I still didn't like my old boss, I felt some compassion for her, since it was clearly not what she wanted to be doing. And second, back in October, someone I used to work with updated me as to how the clippings I (or, rather, Seymour) left behind were doing. Our little green legacy:

Halfway through the year!


Anonymous Ryan said...

How much fun was this review? Really enjoyed reading it. Maybe I should try it but I haven't been posting often enough to have anything to summarize...

5:39 AM, December 16, 2014  

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