Friday, June 20, 2014

​And Now the Job Update​

I've been at the new job for three weeks now; it seems both longer and less than that. I've settled in somewhat, remembering names and tweaking the commute, learning the traffic trouble spots and re-centering myself on the new location for after-work errands and the like. I have my plant and pictures on my desk, and both have prompted conversations, which is a good thing, getting to know people. It is nice not to be freezing all the time (would you believe, if we adjust the thermostat, it affects the fan? crazy!), and since we're on the fourth floor, I'm getting some extra exercise since most days I do the stairs. Whuf! Down is much easier than up.

The office setup will change when we move to bigger space down the hall, which is supposed to happen next month, so I don't feel like I'm completely nested, but that's okay for now (she said bravely). I do wonder what it will be like there, what will be different and what the same. (Will I really have my own office? That would be sweet, but I don't want to get too excited until I find out for sure.) My current location in the office is very central, which is both good and bad; I'm interested is getting to know how things work here, but there are a lot of distractions. My desk faces a window into the little common area with kitchenette stuff, the supply closet and coffee machine and bathroom, and the copier, so there's a lot of noise and movement. I also can see the door into the hall, so when deliveries come in, if no one's at the reception desk (which there usually is*, but not always), they see me first. I can also see another door, out in the hall, that seems to be building maintenance or some such; there's no sign on the door, but they are in and out all day long, and I can't not notice, even if I have headphones in (which is more often listening to conference presentations than music, but either way blocks out sound, not sight).
*There's been a temp filling the receptionist/office manager role; apparently the permanent one will be there next week. It's nice to have one, anyway! Since we didn't at my last company. And the president's executive assistant started this week; at my last job, the head of the division (the boss of my boss) didn't have one of those, either, and it always seemed ridiculous to me that she didn't.

I'm starting to figure out who does what in the general scheme of things; it's slightly complicated by the changes that are coming along as the parent company expands operations*, but at least I only have to deal with interim-now and what-will-be, I didn't have to transition from how-it-was. The other editor who's been guiding me and the VP of publishing are both friendly AND are my kind of word people, which is awesome to work for/with; when you are the sort of person who cares about the Oxford comma or if something should be hyphenated, it's wonderful to work with kindred spirits. There are a number of cat people here, too. One of them is the in-house medical writer, who started the day after I did, and she wants us to work together and learn from each other, which will be helpful to both of us.
*Which of course is why I have my job, so I'm keeping that in mind, believe me.

On the actual work side of it, things continue to go well, with only occasional overwhelmed moments. I'm working out my own processes for how to keep track of things, what I'll want to save and how best to save it, physical files and electronic, and I'm organizing all my notes into lists that will allow for quick access when a question comes up that I know I've asked before. I started work on my first solo conference today; obviously I'll still ask a million questions, but still, eek!

Next thing to update: knitting!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Yay! I'm glad it's working out well, it seems like a much better fit than the old place.

8:15 PM, June 20, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

I keep looking for the "agree" or "like" button.

11:07 AM, June 22, 2014  

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