Thursday, April 10, 2014

So! Things to Say!

Well, there's been a lot happening in the last few days, some mildly bad, some potentially good. Let's see, to be chronological:

Tuesday, I got an e-mail from a recruiter who saw my resume on Indeed (which, if you are unfamiliar, is a job-search site) and wanted to point me to some openings at her company. I looked at the listings and one did sound possible. (I also looked at my information on Indeed Tuesday night, as I haven't been using it lately, and found that yes, it did not include my current job. So, that's interesting!) I replied to her e-mail to say that I was currently employed but "very open to discussing possibilities elsewhere", and sent my current resume and the link to my LinkedIn page, in case, and asked if she wanted me to go through their website's application. (I was kind of hoping she would say no, we can talk first.)

Wednesday I worked from home, intending to go to the alternate knitting group in the evening. I heard back from the recruiter that yes, I should fill in their application (drat), so at lunchtime I took a look at that. First, it gave me the option to link to my LinkedIn page, and next to upload my resume, so I was hoping their system would pull at least most of what it needed from one or the other. Nope! It was basically an electronic version of the multi-page application you would have been handed, with a pen, when you went for an interview 20 years ago; I swear, some companies don't "get" the possibilities of the internet age (and this is me saying that!). I let the recruiter know that I wouldn't be able to finish it until later, and went back to work for the afternoon.

Mid-afternoon, I decided to make some popcorn for a snack, and afterward was trying to figure out why I couldn't get a piece that was stuck in a back tooth out, but soon realized it wasn't a kernel, it was a corner of the tooth which seemed to be missing, next to a filling. Excellent. I called my dentist's office, and (of course) she's out of town. I made an appointment for Monday morning; it doesn't actually hurt, just feels weird, but it's definitely One More Thing I Don't Want to Deal With. I really don't want to deal with finding someone else, covered by the insurance, who would agree to see me ASAP when it doesn't actually hurt ... but I hope that decision doesn't bite me on the butt over the weekend.

Anyway, after work yesterday, I went back to the application, and man, it's just annoying. I mean, when all I've seen is the job description, and don't even know if I'M interested in YOU, to have to give: the date I could start, education history, employment history, three references, assurances that should I be employed by them, and then leave, I will return the company's property ... overkill much? I worked on it, trying to not be annoyed, let it go, let it go. I also e-mailed the two previous co-workers I had lined up as references in the past, to let them know I'd be giving their information out, and tried to decide who to ask to be a third ... Oy. My mood was deteriorating, so I decided I'd better leave it for the night. I wasn't feeling social by that point, so I knit on the couch with Carlos, instead of going out (Grandma's birthday knitting is progressing, updates to come).

Thursday, aka today, I had intended to go into the office, but woke with a mild-but-annoying headache, and decided better not risk it. I was able to work, so I finished up the report I was on (for the last three and a half weeks, the devil) and sent it back. I also heard back from the recruiter, even though I hadn't finished "submitting" the application, to set up a phone call in the next few days. Interesting! (Does that mean I didn't have to fight with the silly form? Or that I did enough of it? Who knows.) I will be talking to her on Monday afternoon, if anyone wants to cross their fingers then. Meanwhile, the headache and attendant upset stomach have lingered, a little better, a little worse, plus for some reason I was sneezing my head off all morning--that had to be a coincidence, it isn't a thing with my headaches, but honestly, more irritation? Not welcome. At least, working at home, I only drive myself crazy with it, and could be unhappy-headachey out loud (Carlos was very sympathetic). Also good was that, after I returned that report, I only had one short piece to do; I was essentially on call all afternoon in case more came in, but as it didn't, I was able to loll and whine, and knit, and pet the kitty. Not the greatest day, but it could have been worse.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Boo for busted tooth! But yay for maybe new job? And the report is done?? YAY!

10:58 PM, April 10, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

The question seems to be would YOU want to work for THAT company? If their systems seem to be so patched together you still have to reiterate information found on both your resume and LinkedIn what are the chances that they're "pulled together" in other ways?

Yay for finishing the blasted nasty report and for laptops at home and Carlos, the Medicine Cat!

8:12 AM, April 11, 2014  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Something to keep in mind when you are talking to them is if the application rigmaroles are indicative of their current workplace attitudes.

Sorry to hear about the tooth. Hope you can get it taken care of easily.

9:28 AM, April 11, 2014  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Heh. Leslie had the same idea.

9:28 AM, April 11, 2014  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Fingers crossed.

2:15 PM, April 11, 2014  

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