Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yarn, and Yarn, and Yarn!

The weekend winds down, and as is so often the case, my energy levels are giving out before the tasks are done. It's not like it matters if I don't get to the vacuuming, and once the dishwasher finishes its run, I don't have to empty it tonight, but the laundry has a few more loads to go. I've been to Walgreens, Target, and Costco, got my hair cut, met Mary Ellen for coffee and knitting ... the usual mix of fun and must-get-done. Weekends. I was happy to realize that, after my little Friday off for the Knitting Lab gave me a three-day weekend, next weekend is Memorial Day, which gives me a three-day weekend! Assuming I don't go in to work tomorrow and get kicked out; we'll see how that goes. I'm quite curious.

Now, at the end of my write-up yesterday about going to the Knit Lab, I promised yarn pictures, so here we go! I'm going to put them in Ravelry at the same time (otherwise who knows when I'll get to that, and I like to be able to search the stash virtually), and kill two birds with one stone. Yarn, ho!

Well, and I am a bit of a yarn ho, honestly. In addition to the yarn, I picked up a few buttons:
And I did show you the cashmere yesterday. Moving on, almost all I bought was fingering weight, but I got another skein of lace weight. This one was from the Verdant Gryphon, called Mithri, in a rather stunning green.
Well, it stunned me, anyway! And I got a skein of Bugga from the same vendor, in a quiet tonal grey.
Actually, I see that they call it sport weight; eh. Whatever, I expect it will be socks.

There was another green skein, this one Caper Sock from String Theory (one of them, anyway, there are two dyers using the name that I know of).
And another grey, darker this time, from the Knitting Boutique, in Potomac.

Next up is a skein from Wonderland Yarns, Cheshire Cat, which is (guess what?) blue.
I saw this line at Coveted Yarn, though none of the colors they had at the time grabbed me enough that I bought. This one was, however, blue, and also "knot perfect"; you know I can't resist a sale!
I was tempted by a great many of the offerings from Dirty Water DyeWorks*, but the line I chose in the end was Lillian, and not because it was my grandmother's name (although it was). I just loved this rosy color.
*The name is a Boston thing.
From Swans Island, in the Pure Blends fingering, a nice squishy skein of oatmeal.
A quiet skein of lovely sort of aqua tonal, Kismet Soul.
Another tonal skein, cream to rose pink, from A Hundred Ravens in Tyche.
And finally (I know!), the brightest of the bunch, from the aptly named Decadent Fibers (whose booth I was in three times before I made up my mind), a skein of blue/purple Savory Socks.
I did say that I got a little carried away, right? But I don't regret a single one of them. Celebrating the job! Now, time for me to finish the laundry and get to bed. We'll see what happens tomorrow; anyone want to guess?


Blogger goosefairy said...

Lovely selection of yarn. I'm really curious to see the Kismet Soul knitted up. It's hard to get a handle on the colors from that picture.

9:42 AM, May 21, 2014  

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