Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saying Hi

Someone wants to say hi.
Hi. I'm Belmont. I don't know why I'm here, it's all very weird, but hey, meow to you.

It's been a busy, quiet day here Chez Cat Hair (speaking of which, I wonder how many cats Belmont thinks live here?). I got a solid ten hours of sleep last night, thank heavens, since the week, good as it was, wiped me out completely. This morning I got the office ready for its new occupant, then went to get her. She's spent part of the time hiding away, but has come out frequently, and the answer to the question of "are you hungry?" was a resounding YES.
I've been playing musical doors all afternoon, since if I just come into the office and close the door, Carlos promptly comes to sit outside the door and meow for me. So I have to close him in the bedroom, then close myself in the office to check on the lady. I did let her out into the kitchen when she showed interest, and she circled around, low to the ground but not running, sniffing all over, before returning to the office. Right now, she's on a blanket under the table.
The hockey game starts at 7, so what I'll do is leave her shortly, but check on her again once or twice before bed. Then we'll see how tomorrow goes. I don't want to rush introducing them, but of course, I can't wait to see how it works out.

She's very sweet. Come on, Carlos, let her stay!


Blogger Leslie said...

I just love her nose...
C'mon, Carlos! Let the old lady stay.

9:28 AM, June 09, 2014  

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