Thursday, December 18, 2014

Near the End of Prep Time

At work, we had our holiday lunch today, and after last year, when I ended up doing all the coordination with the restaurant (and it was all at the last minute, and plenty of work), I've been enjoying not having anything to do with the planning and prep. I didn't even know what restaurant we were going to until I noticed it on the calendar notice this week. Ahh. I made sure to thank the woman who did do all the work.

We had a yankee swap, and the boss gave us all small gifts, and the food was good (we were even in a small private room, which was so nice to have), and she also said we didn't have to go back to work after, which gave me time to run a few errands and still get home before the usual time. Time? that's a gift in itself, this time of year.

So I work tomorrow; tomorrow night, make cookies for a holiday party on Saturday, and I should do some laundry (hell, I should do some tonight, and I should have last night, but, not, or not enough). Other than the party Saturday, I have packing-and-prep things to do, which will continue Sunday until I leave for the airport. Whee!

Boing Boing comes up with the most amazing variety of things; by the nature of variety, I am not always interested in the posts, but surprisingly often I am.

For instance, I never thought about how hand-made candy canes are made, but it was pretty cool to watch. I know ten minutes can seem a lot at this time of year, but I do think this is worth the time.


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