Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Getting Back Into It

My goodness, but was I tired last night. I worked for a while after I got home, taking breaks to cuddle Carlos* (MEOW! MEOW!) or to do some unpacking, but I was working at 7:30 when I realized that my brain was done for the day: time to turn it off. (When you have a report that mixes up "extent" and "extant" you need your brain to be working.) I did a bit more unpacking, got ready for bed, and turned the light off around 8:30. Phew! I still felt pretty tired today**. What is it about travel?***
*I didn't always have to take a break; I had the laptop on the couch, and part of the time he snuggled next to me, so that I could pet him while continuing to work.
**I looked at myself in the mirror this afternoon and thought, Yup, that's how tired I feel.
***Perhaps it's my immune system, siphoning energy from other systems to fight off a plane-load of germs; in which case I say, Go, immune system, do what you need to do.

It was totally worth it, though. It's depressing enough to be back in the cold, imagine my mood if I hadn't had the break! At the airport yesterday I got my coat out of my suitcase, put it on, and went outside--where I had to stop at once to zip it up, and pull on gloves. I even put the hood up while I waited for my ride, and I wasn't waiting for more than a few minutes. Brrr. Today was sunny at least, and while absolutely chilly at least wasn't frigid. It might have hit 50 for a while. It's something. Welcome, April: warm the hell up already.

Another thing April means is that hockey's regular season is winding down. Since I wasn't really posting from Florida last week, you were spared the "Bruins won!" "Bruins won again!" "Guess what, the Bruins won!" posting I might have otherwise given you. They're on such a hot streak, and it is So Much Fun to watch. Everyone was so concerned about the Bruins' busy schedule in March -- 17 games! how will they handle the pace? -- but the answer turned out to be, "By going 15-1-1," which is just ridiculously good.

My mother's neighbor is a Toronto fan, by the way, and Toronto is doing almost as badly as Boston is doing well; I believe they've lost 8 in a row. She's a sweet woman, and I feel for her.  (It could be worse ... but only if she rooted for Buffalo.)

Anyway! Last week Bergeron was the NHL's second star, and Iginla was just announced as the NHL's first star of the month for March. Nice, guys! Two more weeks and it's playoff time. Of course, it's starting around Easter weekend, when I'll be away for grandma's 100th birthday, but that's certainly worth doing some remote hockey monitoring for.

As for Florida, I didn't take a ton of pictures (as my mother noted, a working vacation is better than not coming, but it isn't walking on the beach every day), but I have a few, and details, and knitting updates and all. Just not tonight. Here, have a photo of a man walking with a cat on his head, instead.
How about that? (Not my photo, btw, but from here.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to this.
And do some more of this.


Blogger Kate P said...

Welcome home! Carlos looks thrilled to get chin scritches once more.

Not discussing the Bruins, harrumph, harrumph.

9:56 PM, April 01, 2014  

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