Friday, December 19, 2014

Made it! To the Weekend, to Vacation, to Christmas

I did a couple of loads of laundry last night, and a couple more tonight, so I'm more under control there than I was. Also tonight, I made cookies for the party tomorrow, which I will try to get a daylight picture of so you can see, and I've been transferring numbers from my old cell phone to the new one (he tried to transfer them, but it wouldn't go). And I've been listening to the Muppet Christmas cd, and to the Bruins game, which they are currently not winning, so we'll see if they turn that around. And I want to get the current purse sock to the toe, so I don't end up with it much longer than my foot. So, I will leave you with this thought from today:

I had to contact a customer service person today, and it made me think how I would hate that job, basically because I prefer to be the only cranky person I have to deal with on a daily basis.

The reason I was chatting with cust-serv was that my not-totally-last-minute-but-on-the-late-side Christmas cards did not show up, as ordered. I placed the order last Tuesday night, and was told to expect them in 5 business days. Given that today was business day number 7, and that the tracking link gave me no information, I reached out to ask if they were still coming. The answer was, apparently, that they couldn't tell, not a satisfying answer.

She offered to rush-reprint them, and though at first I declined, since I'll be away, what we ended up doing was having her send them to my mother's, supposedly arriving by Wednesday. For no extra charge, and they also refunded my shipping fee, since after I asked if the original order might in fact still be coming, and she allowed as how they might, she mentioned that "if they do not get to you on time, you may contact us for a refund of the amount paid," and I pointed out with only mild snark that, "Well, they haven't gotten to me on time, have they?"

Assuming that at least one of the orders shows up, I will call it an acceptable, if not an ideal situation.


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