Sunday, December 07, 2014

Trying to Avoid Facing Sunday Night

Last night, while watching the Bruins game (which they won! holy cow! As Stanley Cup of Chowder wrote on Facebook, "Wait, what does it mean when the Bruins have more goals than the other team at the end? Has that ever happened before?" Exactly), I realized I hadn't gotten on the exercise bike yet. I didn't really want to (not that I ever do), but I looked at the calendar and saw that I'd only done it four days that week.

Now, I never said I'd do it every day (that's asking to fail), but I've been doing really well lately, five and six and seven days a week. The last time I "only" did four days in a week was the week I went to the conference and basically walked my legs off. I didn't want this week to be below that, so I got on the bike. And hey, it was as hateful as always, but I was really proud of myself for doing it anyway. Plus I got past the cuff of the second sock. Yes, I finished the first sock of this pair in about a month, by far the fastest I've done on the bike. Woohoo!

I'm now looking Sunday night in the face, with the usual amount of pleasure at so doing. Time to think of happy things. Like, little tree!
Hooray for the little tree. I will be ornamenting it, yes, but for tonight I'm just happy to have it.

Another happy thing: I just caught a glimpse of the full moon, ooh. It's pretty damned cold out, but I'm in now and it's nice to look at.

I did go out earlier, to have coffee and knit with friends, and look what one of them gave me!
Mmmm, pretty. (My own gifting is not quite ready, and although I'm not knitting for anyone I am doing something that I couldn't show you yet anyway, but I look forward to showing you some things, after they're given.)

I got a new phone! Not a smart phone, but a slightly less dumb phone. Touch screen, even!
I switched from Verizon to AT&T, getting slightly more at the same price as Verizon. And the people at the AT&T store were so much nicer than the VZ people, it's amazing.

Time to go off and finish my weekend, doing some of this and some more of that, and eating and biking at all. Here's hoping we have a good week, every one.


Blogger Kate P said...

I love your little tree, and those earrings are way cool. (I've been avoiding the gym because I'm worried I'm going to get sick from it, ugh.) I hope your week is good, too!

9:00 PM, December 07, 2014  

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