Monday, May 12, 2014

Not Really, No. Not Yet

No-progress progress: more messing about with references (can't reach that manager reference? here, try this one), no actual progress made. I am going nuts with this waiting. I am about as crabby as you might imagine, yes. Maybe a smidge more.

The head of the office emailed us all on Thursday to let us know that a bigwig would be in the office today, and that we'd be getting lunch out of it. So, naturally, at 11:30 she's popping out of the conference room asking me to order the pizza, and naturally, when it arrived they were still in the conference room, so we all got to sit there, smelling the pizza, because it's impolitic to start without them. Even if it means cold* pizza for lunch an hour or more after you usually eat.
*It wasn't actually cold. Just, room temperature. Yum.

I will admit, at an hour and a half, to fantasizing about opening the conference room door and announcing, "You people are RUDE." Fortunately for me, just a few minutes later, the 2IC*, who was not in the conference room at the time, decided that it was silly for us to all be waiting, and told us to start. And, miraculously, just a few minutes later they came out of the conference room! Imagine that.
*Second in command. Pronounced "twick". I take this from Anne McCaffrey's Rowan series.

All that messing about meant I didn't eat lunch outside, on a day when it was sunny and in the 80s, which oh-by-the-way is about 30 degrees more than it will be tomorrow. When I would be able to eat lunch outside. Naturally.

The Bruins game tonight is not a literal must-win for them, not in the sense that they're out if they lose, but oh, I want them to win. Finish Montreal, move on, enough of this. Play the way they can play and they'll win ... but will they? I'm off to put dinner together, and watch. Go Bruins!


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