Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yes, I Have Been ... What's That Word? Knitting!

It get dark so early this time of year, which is annoying in many ways, but particularly when you think of taking pictures of something too late to get good light. It makes a good excuse, anyway, for what are pretty crappy pictures. For I have knit many things recently, and I want to tell you of them, crappy photos to the contrary notwithstanding!

Socks are a given: one in the purse, one on the bike. The bike sock is nearing the toe:
And so is the purse sock, though that one is the second of the pair, meaning that soon it will be time to choose The Next Yarn.
What will it be? Decisions, decisions.

I did get a picture in daylight of the little cashmere scarf I'm working on:
It's delightfully soft, but I have to pay just enough attention to the pattern that it doesn't make good social knitting, so it's stayed home. Where, this weekend, it got put aside for the wedding-present blanket, upon which progress is being made.
I know it doesn't look exciting yet, but I'm happy with it so far. Trust me.

I've also swatched for the sweater I want to make for myself (the I-haven't-knit-a-sweater-since-the-Bruins-won-the-Cup sweater), and I like the fabric I got, so I'm going to cast on with the same size. Some time.
Then there are the 2-in-1 socks, which are getting near the point where I have to decide when it's time to start the toe, too. I'll get more pictures of those before I cast off, since when that's done, they will transform from cool, magical knitting trick into socks that probably won't fit all that well. With this pair in particular, the magic is in the doing, not the being done. Which is okay by me.


Blogger Leslie said...

You really are moving right along with that bike sock! I can remember when it took months, literally, for you to be approaching the toe. Awesome!

7:14 PM, December 01, 2014  

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