Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday Night, and the Weekend's Flying

After a three-day weekend, two work days, and a five-day weekend, I found this very a propos today:
It's been a good-busy day, but still, I feel the pressure of time upon me. So much yet to do! Yet, while I wait for the last of the laundry to finish, I'm knitting a hat for the charity tree at the library, and watching Christmas specials. A girl can only do so much laundry, dishes, errands, and tasks in a day. Though I have a little seasonal task that I'm also working on (shh, it's a secret).

Speaking of seasonally appropriateness, I got a little tree today, a tabletop size according to Whole Foods; I'll take its picture for you tomorrow.

Later I'll be watching the Bruins game, nervously. Will they manage to win one game on their road trip? Last chance! And while I stand by my statement of the other day regarding the Bruins (i.e., you must score goals if you are to win hockey games), unfortunately the Bruins showed that it isn't always that simple, losing Thursday night 7-4. Good news: they scored four goals! Bad news: they allowed 7. Sigh. I hope they win for me tonight. Yes, for me. It is all about me.

Isn't it?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh, hey, that table thing from your last post is actually an art installation from the '70s:

Still doesn't say how he did it. I just have to assume that the buckets are heavier than the tabletop. (Assuming they aren't attached.)

7:43 PM, December 06, 2014  

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