Friday, December 12, 2014

Phew, Friday

It really has been quite a week for me; how about you? I'm not sure if it's because of adding Christmas things to everyday life things, or whether I may actually be fighting off a bug, too. The only "symptom" I have, other than being so tired, is some congestion and a little sneezing, which could just be related to dry winter air ... it's hard to be sure. It was dispiriting to be so super-tired yesterday, after 10 hours of sleep; today wasn't actually quite that bad. Weekend should help, too.

A random thought:
Why is it that when I get into work on a Monday, I can hardly remember what I did on Friday, and yet, when I read the name Milton Packer, it made me think of Milton Bradley, which made me think of Parker Brothers, and suddenly the commercial for the board game Bonkers, which I adored in about the 5th grade, is running through my mind, word for word? How can I remember that, but not where I parked, or what I had for dinner last night?

Leftover pizza, by the way. But you know what I mean.

I've been wrapping Christmas presents tonight, though rather than the usual Christmas carols, I was listening to an audiobook instead. (I love the audiobook of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, and keep borrowing it from the library; if the Overdrive app could talk, it would be saying, "Seriously? Again? Don't you have this memorized by now?")(The answer to that is, only here and there.)(Ahem.) All the things I've ordered have come (except for cards, which I delayed deciding on*, but they're on their way), and it's time to get things in the mail already--there are almost two weeks to the holiday, but I leave in just over a week, so time to get it done. Which is the fun kind of work.
*Should I or shouldn't I? I like sending cards, but I haven't the last couple of years, it was just Too Much. Decided to compromise and do photo cards this year. I'll show you when they come.

When I say "all the things I've ordered," I mostly mean presents for others, but a few things for me slipped in. It's hard not to, isn't it? Here's what really tripped me up: I get catalogs and emails and notifications from all sorts of companies that make things I like, and just like everyone else, they have sales at Christmastime. So I'm browsing online for others and whoops, 30% off, that's such a great deal, how can I resist that? Or I'm ordering something from Amazon and, to get the free shipping, I throw in a book I've been wanting for myself. It's an easy trap to fall into. No wonder I usually have to tighten the fiscal belt in January. And I found out this week that my condo fee is going up next year, too. Lovely.

Well, let's not get too depressed tonight. I have some photos to take tomorrow, when I'll get to see daylight and maybe even sunlight again (not only is there work during the week, but it's been cloudy all week, often raining or snowing, and I miss the glowing thing in the sky). Pictures! Yarny things! Yay!

And no alarm going off in the morning, almost better. Ahhhh...


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