Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I Won't Let Me Get Started

If I start writing tonight, it's going to be grinchy and grouchy, what with the cold and the cramps and the late Bruins games this week (and they lost last night, to add insult to injury; it should make me feel better about not seeing it, but somehow it doesn't), so instead I'm going to do a little sharing and linking, and then go eat chocolate and knit.

First, amusing and possibly covetous for knitters, today the Yarn Harlot put up the first of her annual gift ideas post. I don't even want everything she lists, but I enjoy the opening note, which starts out, "Dear Non-knittter who loves a Knitter". I'd be lying if I said that the needle sorter/storer isn't very cool, though, and I've favorited the Etsy shop that sells the nice interchangeable cases, for future window shopping. Fun reading overall.

If you don't agree, no judging here. May I offer you some hockey amusement, specifically goalies leapfrogging? Don't mind if I do. Via Puck Daddy, of course.

You're welcome.

Finally, I saw this on Facebook tonight and just loved it (I only wish the image was more clear, but click on it to see it bigger). If only everyone would! Down with offensensitivity.
Happy merry to you!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That video is too cute! And I love how they both ended up in the goal at the end!

7:47 PM, December 02, 2014  

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