Sunday, December 16, 2018

Worth Several Thousand

So, what have I been up to that's kept me from blogging at all regularly, you ask?

Well, there's work, there's some social stuff, there's prep for Christmas (which itself has several subtopics), and ... what else?

Well, there's this.

Last Sunday:
Later Wednesday:
Later Friday:
And very late Friday:
So you can see that getting to the computer in the evenings is sometimes a challenge. Not that I would change her for a minute! But in a year full of changing routines, this is another change I have to figure out.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Pretty Cool

Have you ever heard of blind hockey?

The players have less than ten percent of normal vision, yet there they go!

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Well Now

The weekend has flown by, as they often do, especially in December. Now I am looking at this:
And feeling heartless as I contemplate waking her so I can get up. Just because it's past my bedtime, on a work night, and also I have to go to the bathroom. It's a problem.

Friday, December 07, 2018

A Busy Week

It wasn't an awful week at all, just ... busy. And right now, I have a blank in terms of energy etc.

Here. Have a Maggie photo.
Funny story: the day I adopted her, I put this photo up on Facebook before we even left PetSmart, as a heads-up:
And one of my friends asked for a better picture: "I don’t even know what I’m looking at." So now that I've put about 100 photos up, I think we've gotten the point across: be careful what you wish for!

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

More Kittens, Lots of Cute

I teased a single kitten photo on Sunday, but of course, I have more!

There are six kittens in this enclosure, and most of them were playing when I got there.
Though not all.
"I bite your tail!"
Isn't the tail always the best part of the mouse?
I did get to play with or cuddle most of them; since they're mostly all grey, it was hard to keep track of which ones I had already grabbed!
They started winding down while I was in there.
Really wore themselves out.
Though not everyone was lights-out at the same time.
They were getting there.

Makes me sleepy to look at them!

Monday, December 03, 2018

A Good Interaction, pet-shopping-wise (and more photos)

And no, by pet shopping, I don't mean when I was looking for the cat!

Back in October, I read about a low-tracking cat litter that I decided I would try when I got a cat, so I went ahead and ordered a box from Chewy. This was my first experience ordering from them, and it went fine; I also got a litter box, and a couple of toys to get up to the free shipping amount. After the order was received, I got a coupon in the mail from them, for $15 off my next order, and I put it aside.

Once the cat was here, and I put the litter into the litter box, I decided to order another thing of litter, so that it would be on hand when we needed it. This was last Sunday, and I pulled out the coupon code to use. However! I had it on the desk with some other papers, and after my mother and I came in from having dinner out, Maggie was looking for company, so I took my laptop to the couch to get some things done and hang out with her at the same time. You see where this is going, right? When I got back to the desk, I saw the coupon thing that I totally forgot to apply to the order I had just placed. Ugh!

I figured it was a long shot, but I sent them a message telling them what happened, and if there was any way to apply the savings after, I would appreciate it. And yes, I did mention that it was hanging out with my new cat that messed me up--I thought that they, being a pet supply company, might be sympathetic to that.

Well, yeah! In fact, not only did s/he apply the savings, the note ended, "P.S. - We would love to meet your new furbaby! What is their name? If you would like to share, we would love to see some pictures!" Isn't that nice? (Yes, I sent a picture, and yes, s/he replied to tell me how cute the baby is. Which, yes, she is.)

So, if you were wondering about Chewy, I do recommend. I mean, I still shop around, but I'm happy with their products, and more than happy with the service.

Oh, and that litter? Is, indeed, very low tracking! It's a wonder. My desires in a cat litter are:
  • Low tracking
  • Hard clumping
  • Low dust
  • Either unscented or at least not heavily scented
  • Covers odors
I would say this stuff does well at all of it. (For the last one, the litter box has room in the cover for a charcoal pad, which is also supposed to absorb odors, so that may help too.)

I see that I haven't posted photos of her in her new cave-bed, which I also got from Chewy. I thought that since she likes to sleep under a blanket, she might enjoy a covered bed, and she does. She's in it as I type, as a matter of fact.

In fact, I have so many photos of her I haven't posted. Here are some more favorites.

And my overall favorite:
That was taken the day after I brought her home. As you can see, she didn't require an adjustment period.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Kitten Teaser

We just got in from seeing Bohemian Rhapsody (yes, you should see it), so I'll just throw this up for tonight.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Need a Laugh?

Perhaps you haven't heard about the viral video of a Scottish grandmother reading a picture book called The Wonky Donkey to her grandson and cracking up, or perhaps like me, you had heard of it, but had not actually watched it. The topic came up at knitting last night, and someone played it for the rest of us, and not only were we all laughing, but one woman pulled out her phone and went right to Amazon to order it, and two others were noting the title to do so later.

Watch it and laugh, is what I'm saying.

No wonder the publisher reprinted it; you couldn't ask for better press.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Watch This

If you haven't seen this lovely little French-telecom commercial yet, you need to watch it now.

You're welcome.

Want more heartwarming? Here's a nice story about a man giving (seriously giving!) to high school students from Paradise, California, the town that was destroyed by fire.

Have you read or seen anything heartwarming recently? Share!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Her First Work Day

The still-nameless cat did well today, her first weekday here, when I needed to be, you know, working. She came along meowing a few times, and even jumped on my lap and settled down for a few minutes, but for most of the day she was here:
Or here:
Or here:
And another neighbor stopped by tonight, and Cat was totally unfazed, and even allowed herself to be petted. She's a good girl.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

After About 20 Hours

She is pretty much completely comfortable here.

And I do mean comfortable.
At Petsmart, I met several older cats that had been brought over from the Humane Society, and even with the choices narrowed down so much, it's still so hard to choose. I mean, it's a big decision! I petted and held and talked to multiple cats, including an absolutely darling pair, brother/sister and devoted to each other, but at only 7 months, younger than I really wanted. Before long, I was focusing on Ms No-Name here, who is six, or six and a half, I guess.

They have a small enclosure with room for a chair and a couple of cat trees, so I could sit in with her and get to know her. She went around and around the space, looking and sniffing, stropping my legs as she passed me, then decided that she was good, and got comfortable there.
Once I had decided that yes, I was going to take her, I asked them to pass in the carrier I brought with me, so she could sniff that. She didn't seem too interested at first, but in a few minutes, there she was.
And she stayed there while all the paperwork was done. Wild.

Mind you, she wasn't too excited when the carrier was closed behind her, and in the car she varied between 'fine' and 'out please' and even 'whirling dervish' for a brief period. But she didn't meow as much as Carlos did in the car, at least.

At home, I took her into my office and closed the door, so she would have a smaller area to explore at first. She did the same thing she had done in the enclosure, clearly interested in everything but not seeming even slightly worried by all the strangeness (I mean, who knows if she had ever been in an elevator before, or seen the view from the sixth floor, or heard the clank of shutters?). She was sniffing everything, including my mother, but was not even slightly jumpy.
They gave me this blanket for her; a volunteer makes them for all the adopted cats. Isn't that nice?
So she was in the office and completely relaxed when a neighbor stopped by, and Mom opened the office to let her see the new addition. Not only wasn't Ms Nameless concerned by yet another stranger, she was highly curious about what was outside the door, so we let her go out to explore the condo. She inspected it pretty thoroughly (it turns out I had quite a bit of dust under my bed, ahem), alert and interested but not afraid, not retreating back to the office at all. Well, okay, let her stay out, then!

She likes the lanai.
Of course, as more than one of my friends pointed out, who doesn't?
(And yes, it's screened, and no, we won't go out and leave her with access to it, at least not at first, just in case.)
She likes laps, some of the time. Both mine and Mom's, in fact.
And she likes being next to laps, other times.
She likes the blanket.
And it turns out that she also likes being under the blanket. I left her sleeping there last night when the hockey game ended, and she came along to my bedroom at 4-something AM, so she was fine on her own for quite a while.

And this morning, she was more of the same. Relaxed, alert, friendly, sometimes a little mouthy, other times relaxed to the point of coma.
She's next to me right now, purring loudly and making air biscuits, allowing me to pet the kitty. So far, so very good.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Say Hi to Ms. Yet-to-Be-Named

She's been here, oh, six or seven hours, and as you can see, she's very tense.

More tomorrow. Tonight it's time to see if she likes to watch hockey games.

Friday, November 23, 2018


The day kind of got away from me in terms of posting (and I do love a long weekend, and still having time before Monday), but I wanted to mention that tomorrow, I'm going to look at some cats. So hopefully, tomorrow there will be news!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Little Gratitude for Knitting

As we head into Thanksgiving, I will have more in the next few days of things I am grateful for, but for today, I want to show you some happy knitting projects.

First up is my couch knitting project, the baby lap blanket with the Three Irish Girls Yarn I bought in September. The pattern (more like guidelines) came with the yarn purchase, and is very straightforward, which is just what I need.

Some progress shots:

Here is where I started the second skein (of an eventual four).
I am enjoying this so much. The pattern is nicely un-difficult, the colorway is endlessly amusing, and it's already big enough to be a little helpful when my legs get chilly.
Next up is the shirt/sweater/practically-sleeveless top I am making. I don't seem to have posted much about it here; there was the what-shall-I-make-with-the-yarn and then there was the I'm-casting-on post, but nothing since? Well, anyway, here I am:
I was measuring it because I want to make it a bit longer than the pattern* states, which is 14 inches to the underarm, so I measured it against a shirt I liked the length of, and decided I want closer to 17 inches.
*It's a free pattern from my local yarn store, and it's also kind of more like guidelines, but anyway, guidance is good.
Just a bit further!
The plain-vanilla knitting, with just color changes to pay attention to, is suiting me fine this year. It's not a good challenge year for me for knitting.

And it goes without saying that I have socks in progress. Here's the first one.
The second is progressing toward the heel. As it should. All is well.