Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Merry to You!

Odds are that I'll have other things to do tomorrow, and so might you, but I wanted to wish y'all a merry Christmas, Florida style, by sharing two things. First, this tree, which we saw on the beach.
Wouldn't that have been rather a lot of work? But pretty neat.

And the Christmas cards that actually arrived here yesterday! If you're going to be getting one, I'm spoiling the surprise, but I expect you'll forgive me. Here it is:
(I know that Belmont may be hidden by sidebar stuff; click on the card to see it by itself.)

Obviously, using my pictures, but the "furry and bright" was one of Vistaprint's options, and I couldn't resist. Worth the delay, eh? I know *I* don't mind getting holiday cards in January, and hopefully others will agree. Happy whatever-you-celebrate!


Blogger Leslie said...

May you have a lovely warm and sunny Christmas enjoying your time with your family. We'll be enjoying rain until the afternoon and temps in the 50's.

Have a great holiday and I'm sure the recipients will enjoy the great cards.

7:35 PM, December 24, 2014  

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