Sunday, May 11, 2014


For a weekend of waiting, it's actually been a good weekend. The weather's been glorious, the Bruins won yesterday, I've gotten some errands and tasks done without being 100% nose to the grindstone ... it's pretty good. On the other hand, right now my head is twinge-ing again, which is hard to stand after a bloody week of headaches, plus I just balanced my checkbook, which as it so often does left me wondering when the grownup will be arriving to take things over. (Not that there's any problem, just that the task makes me wonder who on earth authorized me as competent to take care of such things.) Sigh.

In happier, knitting news, I am happy to report that the purse sock is making progress (pictures some time), and the current bike sock is into the toe decreases. This means two good things: that I will shortly have a new pair of socks (followed by another, soonish), and that it's time to start thinking about which yarn to use for the next pair for the bike. Shopping the stash! Given that the bike is a good place for knitting dark yarns, with its consistently good light (unlike the purse sock, for instance, which comes out in variable conditions), I'm leaning toward a skein of Fleece Artist Somoko (merino, kid, nylon, and silk) in a lovely chocolate brown, which has been hanging out waiting its turn for, oh, far too long. All right, it was Rhinebeck in 2010 (listing the stash in Ravelry removes some of the fuzziness of memory). Time and enough.

I may go wind it now. I may go kill Carlos, who is whining for my attention. I may just turn on the hockey game and see if the Rangers or Pittsburgh pulls off a win. Who knows. It's all about waiting for word from the job. Please let it be tomorrow!

Let me leave you with a question for the tea drinkers. Is this as gross to you as it is to me?
Chocolate I love, obviously. But with banana and tea? Really?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Hmmm, that tea actually sounds like it could be good, if it's not fake banana flavoring. (Jeff says he might try to make some soon, with some freeze-dried banana and cocoa and a little vanilla...)

Also, my head is still hurting. Three migraines so far in a week is plenty, please!

8:03 PM, May 11, 2014  

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