Monday, December 29, 2014


The cats seem to be teaming up to be as annoying as they possibly can. I can't decide if it's worse when they take turns, or when they are simultaneously annoying, but certainly the maximally annoying period around 5 AM, whichever way it was (and I don't really remember) took the cake. Tonight Carlos is being all sure that I will give him more ... something, something special, something wonderful, and despite having been given food and some treats and love and scritches, he is being Super! Annoying! Cat! until I want to throw him out in the hall to fend for himself.

I'm not really in that bad a mood, but boy, they are tromping all over that last nerve. The Bruins are holding onto a lead, can they keep it up, and although it's nasty chilly out I'm in, and though the Mondayness of the morning was accentuated by a frost so heavy that I couldn't scrape it off the windshield until I sat in the (cold) car for several minutes waiting for the defroster to take effect ... well, things could be worse. I know.

But stay tuned tomorrow to see if I really do kill one of the cats, either His Lordship, or the one the petsitter tactfully called "a chatterbox" (probably because she was afraid "that mouthy bitch" might offend me).

I doubt riding the bike will improve my mood, but that's where I'm off to. Envy the glamor, eh?


Blogger Leslie said...

You gave me such a laugh and I will admit my eyes bugged when you actually complained about Carlos! It's so nice to know someone else occasionally bites her tongue and thinks evil about the feline love of her life.

8:17 AM, December 31, 2014  

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