Monday, December 01, 2014

...Oh, Monday

Last night wasn't quite as bad, in terms of end-of-weekend-regret, as the end of a regular weekend, although there was a fair amount of I-didn't, I-meant-to, oh-wait-I-have-to going on. I did two bouts on the bike instead of three, but I got the week's pills sorted out, and my lunch for today put together (I'm still at the leftovers, yum! stage), and finished the dishes--I normally run the dishwasher about once a week, and running it three times in less than that, and still having lots of hand dishes, well, enough already.

This morning was always going to be rough, the Monday morning after all that time off, but it really outdid itself. First, after I woke up around 3:30 to use the bathroom, I couldn't get back to sleep for a long time due to awful cramps*. I even got up and read for a while to try to distract myself from all the sleep I was missing. Lovely/not.
*I called the doctor's office today to make an appointment; this has to stop. Pill fail. I'm going in tomorrow. We'll see.

Then, when I did get back to sleep, I had weird, vivid dreams, like one where I was trying to see the cats because Carlos was actually standing up to Belmont's hissing, except I congratulated Pan instead, and then I saw three cats so I was trying to turn the light on to see who they were, but the lamp was a strobe instead, and finally I saw three ocelot kittens (cubs?) ... I mean, weird.

And then, while I was showering, I heard a series of thump-bang-smash noises, and the picture that had been on the wall fell into the shower (hello, adrenaline rush!), and it turned out that on the way down it had hit the wall shelf I had under it, just so, knocking it off and sending everything on it cascading onto the floor. At first glance, I didn't lose any of the important jewelry, and I think I'll be able to glue the broken pieces back on the bowl, but mercy, what a start to the day.

Mind you, someone I talked to today had an even worse Monday than I did, so, you know, everything's relative. And there were lots of pretty Christmas lights up tonight. But overall, I'm ready to crawl into bed now.


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