Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Better Head, and Cats Update

My head is not 100%, but it is better than it's been the last two nights, so that's something. Hey, look, it's 8 and I'm not lurching toward bed! Progress.

Speaking of progress, the cats are taking baby steps, too. Tonight, I let Belmont out of the office and brought Carlos in for a sniff safari.
 Who does this smell like?
 And THIS?
 Wasn't this MY blanket?
What the hell, mama?

Great, right? So I brought him out, which she was still out there, and let them see each other from a distance. He was ... not enthusiastic.
She seemed intrigued.
Closer... (He's just out of shot on the left.)
At this point, though, SHE started hissing and growling at him. No, no, Nanette!
See him under the table, wondering what the hell is happening? I gave her a minute, talking soothingly to both of them, then when she wouldn't stop, I decided that was enough for the first try. Perhaps tomorrow, she'll relax a little more. Poor Carlos. I'm going to pet him again now. He's so confused.

I know it will take time. This wasn't catastrophic. But I at least have had enough for one night!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh, kitties. It'll be okay, you can be friends!

(The "What the hell??" face on Carlos is cracking me up. So indignant!)

8:18 PM, June 11, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

Many friendships start out this way. I have much hope! She's very cute.

(You said "CATastrophic"--Hahahahaha!)

11:12 PM, June 11, 2014  

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