Saturday, December 20, 2014

Things and Gifts, To and From

Though Christmas is not yet here, I have given and received a few gifts. For instance, did I show you what I chose to put in the yankee swap?
Mmm, chocolate! The person who opened it was pleased, and then the person who "stole" it was, too, so I call that a success.

A friend gave me some pretty earrings, which I already wore once to some admiration. And *I* like them, too!
Another friend demonstrated just how well she knows me by giving me a trial membership to Audible (I love me some audiobooks, both generally, and while riding the bike), as well as these two delectables:
Yummmmm. The butterscotch is going on the plane with me, and I'm already dreaming of the sauce* with brownies and ice cream.
*Isn't it funny how sauce and cause are easy to type for each other? Or is that just me?

I found some fun wrapping paper to use:
For the party today, I made chocolate chip meringues: surprisingly delicious, and not hard to make. Anyone want the recipe?
You can tell by the advent calendar that the time approaches. Not many days unopened!
Another present came in this week, from my aunt, who noticed when I mentioned on the blog that the Yarn Harlot had linked to some nice interchangeable needle cases, and got me one for Christmas.
My previous method was to have the various tips and cords in a zipper pouch, and that did keep them all together, but it was growing more and more messy as I got more sizes. This way, the tips fit neatly their own pockets.
More space on the other side, awaiting the ones that are currently in use.
And the bit in the middle that I flipped over is a zip pocket to hold the tools and all that go with it. Much better than my previous "system," isn't it? Hooray.

And while I'm putting up pictures, here's Belmont, napping. Just because.
That is all. Good night!


Blogger Crazy Mom! said...

Looks delicious may I have the recipe? I make something similar with meringue, cereal, and mint chips. can share!

11:38 AM, December 22, 2014  

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