Monday, January 30, 2023

Hawaii, Days Four and Five

Yesterday was a peaceful day, and we didn’t “do” anything beyond going to the grocery store and getting food for dinner in. Otherwise, hanging out and reading, not a bad day. And I do have a few photos!

The neighbor’s cat. We heard someone the other day calling repeatedly for “Oreo,” so we assume this is them.

Look at that fluffy tail!

Then there was the sky color as the sun went down.


Today we had a bit more ambition, and after a couple of necessary errands, we had lunch at Killer Tacos.

And then we visited Kona Bay Books, which is in a different location than it was three years ago. Just as fun to go through, though. 

I went to the old books section, of course, which was small but fun.

And a bookstore cat! Who made it clear, by attempting to bite the woman at the store who went to pet him, that he was in no mood. So I kept my distance but kept talking pictures.

He went to this corner like it had a portal for him to enter. Perhaps he stopped when he noticed I was watching.

“Portal? What portal?”
Bath time in his chair.

Oh, and of course I bought a book. Who could resist this cover?

Not sure what we’re doing for dinner, but after the SU basketball game is over, we can figure that out. So far, so good.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Hawaii, Day Three

This morning, I slept until it wasn’t full dark outside! Pretty exciting. I did a little slow waking up, then got the papaya ready for breakfast. When my aunt got up, she made toast and we had our breakfast, then got ready to go out to the nearby farmers market. Our main aim was more papayas, but we had fun looking at all the offerings.

The colors and textures!

Did I buy anything? Well, sure. A blueberry muffin and a savory scone in one place, and of course some of these cookies:
I also impulse-bought this jam.
It’s just so pretty. Hopefully it wail taste as good as it looks.
We went into the drugstore that was right there and picked up a few things, then home for an afternoon of peace and sports: the Bruins were playing at 1 our time, and SU basketball for my aunt at 2. Not that the TV at the rental was subscribed to the channels we needed, but I listened to the Bruins on the radio, and she checked on her game regularly as well. (Neither of us enjoyed the end results of the games, so let’s move on.)

The weather, meanwhile, went from overcast with some sun and blue sky breaking through:

To heavy downpour with thunder, so I’m glad we weren’t trying to do anything outdoors. It cleared somewhat, later in the afternoon. We decided to go to Sam Choy’s for dinner, and whatever sunset sky there might be, and the rest of today’s photos are from there.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Hawaii, Days One and Two

It’s been a pleasant and peaceful trip so far. Well, other than the actual traveling part, which was as annoying as it always is these days (hello, cattle car), but no big problems. My checked bag made it on both my flights so far! That’s convenient.

My brother and aunt met me at the airport, and after a nice day and a half, he left last night, and now we are two. 

Let’s look at the random photos I’ve taken so far, shall we?

Goodbye, SFO.

Hello, Pacific Ocean.
(Hours and hours later) Land ho!
See, just under the fin of the wing? Snow!
There’s that mountain top. Brrr.
Ah, beautiful water, that’s better.
The lanai of the rental.

Looks out over the 18th hole.
And past it, over the water.
My camera did not want to do justice to the sunset.

The next morning, dawning.
Fresh papaya with a little lime juice, yum.
Taking advantage of the sun while it was out.
Little birds in the grass.
They were doing some tree trimming on the course yesterday, and we watched them while we sat and talked about this and that.
Going up the untrimmed tree.
And back down, work done.
We went up to the bookstore, where only one cat was to be seen.
And he clearly wanted me to keep my distance, so I did.
Ever want to read The Little Prince or Harry Potter in Hawaiian?
Oh, that toffee, yum!
When we went to dinner at the Royal Kona Resort, we got a little glimpse of the sunset before the clouds covered it.
Pretty while it lasted.

My dessert was making a face at me. See the eyes, and the mouth about to spit mac nuts at me?
Later, I took my brother to the airport. I’ll see him again on my way home, so it wasn’t an emotional departure. Pulse, we got a laugh when we saw how my directions showed that we were at the airport.

Arrive, depart, whatever. Words.