Friday, May 31, 2019

One Year Later (And, Six Months Later)

It's milestone time!

One year ago this week, I moved to Florida. Then, six months ago, I brought a cat home.

Here's a recent photo of Florida life:
And Miss Maggie last night, judging me.
These were two good moves! Though judging by her expression last night, you wouldn't think Maggie agrees, would you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Back Again

I didn't go anywhere, but somehow I've been missing here for almost a week! Just life and things, you know? And now I have a cat staring meaningfully at me, wanting me away from the computer. So, a quickie!

If you ran a search for rock climbing books (I was gift shopping, before you ask):
Would you expect this to show up?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Blocking the Non-Shawl

As I mentioned recently, I got a lot of knitting done on the April trip, and I did in fact pick the project up and finish it a week ago. I blocked it over the weekend, and it went very well.

Here is Across the Waters before blocking. Slightly rumpled, edges rolling a little bit. I was hoping blocking would smooth things out.
And here it is, wet and laid out to dry. Better already! You can see (relative to the surface it's on) that it grew a bit, but also the surface is smoother and the edges aren't rolling.
I mean, I tried making it flat when it was dry, but it didn't wholly want to.
The reverse side, for those who like to see that.
I kind of like the texture that the ends of the short rows give.
 Again, wet:
 I moved it around a bit as it was drying, and this was a different angle, so to speak.
Neat! If I do say so.
I took it to a meeting in air conditioning the other day, and liked it very well to wear, which is nice. We're going to the theater on Saturday, and I need to pick an outfit that will go with it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Moment in NY

My mother, aunt, and I had a lovely dinner at a restaurant one of the nights we were in New York. The only even slight issue was that there was a fly or two around, but really, the whole thing was lovely: surroundings, ambiance, food.

When we ordered dessert, I decided to get a cup of coffee, something I don't always bother with. It came, and I doctored it up (I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar). Just as I finished, I felt a tickle at the side of my neck, and reached up a hand to bat at it without thinking.

Or aiming, but, well.
Two points, right? He swam around for quite some time--until they brought me a new cup and took this one away, at least.

Monday, May 20, 2019

More Kittening About

Get them while they last! Kittens, kittens, kittens!

The four-pack inspects my sandals.
One of them sits with me and looks down on the others. Paw on hand.
Two of them attack each other through the shoe.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the chair.
"Hello! Lady with lap!"
"Ah, nice."
Grabby paws for the camera.
Extreme kitten close-up.
New kid!
Tiny baby, eyes still blue, accepting cuddles.
Body-shaking purr the whole time.
The mama.
And her baby.
I lured him over with rattling toy noises, giving mama time for a little uninterrupted bath.
Grabby paws for the camera strap.
Posing. "How you doing? Yeah, I got the camera strap."
The fluff!
Another shoe inspector.

Mama comes to see what trouble he's getting into.
This has been Your Week in Kittens.

Friday, May 17, 2019

My Bruins (yes, mine)

A Little Yarn

Stop me if you've heard this before, but, "I wasn't planning to buy any yarn at knitting last week, but there was a sale..."

So two skeins of Millefiori Light from Berroco came home with me, in the colorway 6897, which is apparently called Hyacinth; it doesn't remind ME of hyacinths, but okay, whatever. Perhaps Forest Shadows was already taken?
According to the company website, it looks like this when knit up.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Last and Next

Today I finished knitting the Across the Waters shawl-like thing, and I'm very happy with it. This isn't much, but will give you an idea of it.
It needs to be washed and blocked, which should smooth it out a bit, but not completely: the texture is part of the point! Many many more photos to come, trust me.

Of course, finishing one thing gets me started thinking about the next one! What to make, what to make it with, endless possibilities.

It may be time for these guys:
But we'll see if I still think so tomorrow. I'm refraining from winding anything tonight, since a), my back is bothering me, and b), I want to get to bed early tonight. Up late last night for the Bruins game, up late tomorrow for the Bruins game, in bed by 9 tonight: that's the plan!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Do You Recognize This Necklace Technique?

Okay, gang, time to crowd-source a crafting question. (I have a friend who prefaces similar requests on Facebook by starting off, HIVEMIND!)

My aunt has a fun, cool necklace, made of a sort of ribbon, very lightweight and very pretty. Here are some crappy pictures of it.

Do you know how this is made? Any sort of pattern/guidelines/anything for making something similar? It doesn't seem like it would be hard, exactly, just knots, but I for one would need some sort of guidance before tackling it. And that's what she would like to do, since she now has this bundle of similar ribbon-like-stuff.

So, do you know it? Recognize it? Know just who to ask, or what terms to google? Help us out if you can!

Monday, May 13, 2019

You Guesses It: Kittens!

Yes, I went a-kittening yesterday, and although most of the photos are blurry, that's what happens with kittens, isn't it? Little furry perpetual motion machines. Here are the best of them.

"Oh hi."
Funny how three kittens can move in about five directions at once.
Camera strap!
Passing through.
"What you got there?"
"I keel you!"
Action shot: bunny kick.
Two try to kill each other, while a third has a quiet bath.
"I'm not sure these are my size."
"Nope, not quite big enough."
Deep thoughts.
Pouncing in three, two, one.
"Come in here and say that!"
Not as settled as she looks.
Quick peek at belly.
Mama likes those scritches behind the ears.
Baby, all tuckered out.
"You toes smell interesting." (Maggie has a foot fetish, and is always rubbing on my toes, so I expect she could tell.)
 Nope, not waking up.
That's it for now!