Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lost Day

I'm hoping that the worst of this headache is past, but only time will tell. Nothing good came out of today, unless you count that it's snowing*. Otherwise, it was nasty head pain, napping, an hour of wishing I could just throw up already before I finally did, more napping, and an uneasy evening playing the "is it getting better or worse?" game. Good times.
*You know I'm kidding about that being a good thing, right?

However, I do have something for you. I visited the cuties on the bed last night, and despite the dim lighting, had to take some pictures.

Of my boy, just because he's that cute.

And of the princess:

And her awesome, if out of focus, toe floof. Leslie, this one's for you.

From this angle, it looks a little like an out-of-control mustache, I think. Or is that the headache?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Random Photo Night!

Today was, I guess, better than yesterday, though nothing extraordinarily wonderful or anything. I had a haircut today; my last appointment was before the layoff, so I got to spread that cheery news. Having finished knitting the scarf, I'm back to the baby surprise jacket, which is going well. I've had a slight headache most of the day. And I'm hoping the Bruins can win tonight for me.

In other words, how would you like some random photos? Because that's what I've got.

My stitch and bitch group has been meeting in the same place for a few years, and we have them well trained (our regular table, separate checks, and the like). How well, I didn't realize until recently, when I noticed the table "number" on my check:
Knit 1, that's me! (The others that night were KNIT2 and KNIT3. If we ever see a PURL1, I'll know we've really Stepforded them.)

If you haven't seen the new kids picture book Extra Yarn, you need to. It's adorable, and really funny.
At one point many years ago, I was knitting something large and bright yellow, and since most people couldn't understand knitting just to be knitting, I told them I was building a skyscraper cozy. A sweater for a pickup truck might have been a better answer.

A pretty tasty little snack. Caramel, chocolate, and pretzels? Might as well have my name on the box.

A friend complimented my cords, and that night I looked at the label to see what brand they are. The line is from JC Penney, but what cracked me up is the bottom line.
Secretly slender? Who exactly are we keeping it a secret from?

My TJs hyacinth is blooming and smelling nice. Soon it will doubtless keel over, and then who wants a bulb? But until then, I'll be enjoying the scent wafting around.

My mother handed down her engagement ring when I was there a few weeks back. Isn't it pretty? The story has it that when my father (whose family is Jewish) chose it for her, the jeweler looked at it and said to him, "She isn't Jewish, is she?"
It may not be a Rock, but I think it's really pretty. Unfortunately for me, it's a little too small to fit me comfortably (as you can see, even on my pinky). But I'm happy to have it, anyway, you know? I'm the sentimental sort.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Finished Object, Anyway

Well, starting the week at a funeral isn't ideal, but hopefully things will only improve from here. I've been in a very odd mood today*, but again hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

*I remember this feeling from my own bereavements. I don't want to go to bed because wait, there must be something I can do, or read, or watch, or eat, that will make me feel better, first.

I did finish the scarf for my friend today. About 48 hours from start to finish, leaving me with slightly sore hands, but satisfied.
The pattern is Palindrome, and the yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, from the stash. I really like how it came out: the pattern makes the cables look good from both sides, and the yarn knit up with a nice springiness to it. And it will be a nice bit of wooly love for my friend to carry with her. Who couldn't use that?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Only a Brief Break From Knitting

My friend's brother died this week. I didn't know him, but my heart aches for her. Knowing that I can't help her carry the pain, I still want to do something for her.

So, being me, this is what I'm doing.


And making brownies.

It won't make it all better, but I hope it will help her, to know she is loved.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some knitting to get done.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cramps. So Look at the Pictures!

I'm happy (I guess) to say that I didn't miss posting yesterday due to a headache. I mean, I am happy, I AM, that I don't have a headache. But cramps aren't a barrel of laughs either, and I've been kind of lolling around the house the last day or so.

I did go out yesterday! I went and met Mary Ellen for some knitting and conversation. I was working on the bunny baby blanket, and I finished knitting the body after I got home last night. Just some tails and it will be done!

I'm quite pleased with how it's come out. So often one imagines something that doesn't turn out quite how you planned ... but this one is good. And almost done.

I also stopped in the library to pick up some requests that had come in. The woman sitting at the desk was talking to someone as I got there (another employee leaving, I think), and the other woman behind the desk brought a stack of books up to her at the check-out, which I didn't really think much about until it turned out they were my holds--the second woman had recognized me and got my books! As I told them, if I'm going to be known by sight anywhere, it figures that it's the library.

Other news: I got a hyacinth at Trader Joe's the other day. A little spring in the house, for only $2.49. Smells wonderful.

This was on Tuesday; it's already blooming more. Maybe there will be sunlight to photograph it in tomorrow.

Another TJs find:
They're not quite grapes, not yet raisins. Sort of chewy ... I like them, anyway, and you know how rare it is for me to say that about something that doesn't involve chocolate or caramel.

The babies yesterday, playing footsie:

And my buddy tonight. Big paws are helpful for keeping light out of your eyes.

He slept on my lap for hours this afternoon, until I had to roust him and go to the bathroom. My energy levels today have been very well suited to being on the couch, with the TV, and knitting.

I started the Baby Surprise Jacket. So far, so fun!
I think I'm headed back there now. There's only so much sitting up I feel like doing. Slumping suits the day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fast Asleep

I'm sorry, but if you don't agree that this rates at least ten out of ten for adorableness, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yarn, yarn, yarn! Sweaters are yarn! Yarn is yarn.

Whew. Deeeeep breath. Here's a picture of almost everything from my Webs trip yesterday:

"Almost" because it doesn't include the pin that I immediately put on my sock project bag:

And also because when I took that picture, I forgot that I put the bunny-tail yarn into the bag with the bunny blanket.

Bunny tails! Can't wait to start playing with bunny tails!

A few less exciting things, to get them out of the way. Some (unscented, thank you) Eucalan, which is supposed to be a good wool wash, and some large locking stitch markers, to replace the paper clips I've been using as stitch holders when I turn sock heels (as seen here, for example), which I worried were scratching my needles with the rough ends. No more!

Of course, I had to get the drug of choice:

Isn't it pretty?

And not only is this a nice blue:

But it's corn! I have to knit with corn! Machine-washable corn, yet.
My friend says it's very nice to knit with; I must know.

Now, with a baby on the way (to my cousin), a few things jumped in the cart. A sweater pattern I've been wanting to try, with yarn and needles:

Splurge needles; they're lovely.

Pretty colors for baby knitting, right?

And this, though I don't know exactly what it will be. Hat, booties?

Nice color, machine wash, shape(s) to be determined.

Now this stuff is for me, probably a hat. Remember how I said I carried a ball of yarn around Webs while I thought about it?

Yeah. You go on and put the baby alpaca and silk back down. Go ahead, I dare you. You can't, can you? It's too soft.

I love those colors. And though this is also green and blue, I must say that I found it in the ultra-markdowns. It's nice, soft but sturdy, workable yarn, in colors I like, and just because the labels got lost?

Two dollars each. That is a hell of a bargain.

You may have remembered, when I showed the skein of Socks That Rock above, how I planned to buy two skeins. Perhaps you thought that I restrained myself, given all this other yarn I'm showing you.

Ha! Were you aware that Blue Moon, the makers of the lovely STR, also makes yarn of blue faced leicester?

They do! BFL! I love it!

And this time I got blue BFL, not red or sunset colored.

All right, I know that was a lot. That's it for Webs, though! And not as much as last year. Honest. Plus, given that for a while, it seemed that everything I touched and love-love-loved had cashmere in it--some serious cashmere magnetism going on--I may have gotten off lightly.

I also promised pictures of the haul from the Salvation Army. Boring first: the shirt I wore yesterday, behind the shirt I bought yesterday. Twinsies!

Now, for yarn! This is the first I picked up. It's so soft!

The color is somewhere between the two photos. It's acrylic, but will be fun to play with.

This one, now? Nice, hearty, but not too rough.
And look at its bona fides.

The color on this one washed out; it's a light blue, but not that light.
More like this color, and yes, it's more wool. Mmmm.

This may be the prize, however.
It does have a wee hole.
But, did I mention, cashmere magnetism? Come ON.
A sweater's worth of cashmere at Salvation Army prices? Sold.

And thus endeth the Day of Crazy, Western Mass edition. See why I was tired?