Thursday, June 28, 2018

Look at all the pretty

So, the yarn storage!

If you've paying attention, you may recall that I have four of what I call the Ikea cube-things (they are, technically, Expedit shelves, an older version of what is now called Kallax). They have four cubes each, so that gave me 16 total, although since I have one insert that makes a cube into a CD holder, I really had 15 to work with. After I sorted through all my yarn, I found that practically everything would fit into this amount of space (I really DID get rid of a lot of yarn!). I have one short Rubbermaid tote that has an old blanket project I put aside but have not yet given up on, and a couple of skeins of hard-to-categorize yarn, but all the rest is now in the cubes.

I was not at all surprised to find that fingering-weight yarn was what I had the most of. But even that doesn't fully fill these four cubes.
The left two cubes in this one have DK, of which I had just too much to fit in one. On the right, aran on top and some projects on the bottom.
There are more projects in the two right bins here; the lower left is laceweight and bulky/superbulky, while the top left has bits and scraps, small amounts that may prove useful, and that I find decorative.
In the living room, there is sport on the top left, and worsted in both bottom squares.
All of it lovely and visible--well, some is behind doors, but easily accessible. It's an accomplishment that feels good to this knitter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Gentle Sufficiency

I finished arranging the yarn today, at least to a point that I feel good about it, but I didn't get photos, so showing you will have to wait. Still, you can feel my happiness about it, right?

Well, all of me is happy except my right ankle, which is fed up with all the bending and squatting and moving of it that I did. Time to pull out the brace and be supported for a few days, which should give it the rest it needs. And yes, I already have an appointment with a new doctor, in September, and I will talk to her about what else I can do for the stupid thing. If it hadn't started bothering me the week after my annual exam last year, I would have talked to that doctor about it, but with the move and all, some things have had to wait.

Speaking of the move, it's four weeks since I came down here. It feels both longer and shorter than that, somehow. The boxes have been unpacked, but the settling process continues. Especially for putting things on walls; before I start banging nails in, I'm trying to be relatively certain about what I want where. The way I was sure about the Rogues of Wool poster here:
And the boarding school photo there.
In the bedroom, though, I'm thinking I may pull out the command hooks and get the party started. One thing at a time.

Meanwhile, today I went to the new chiropractor (I like her!) and I got my first library books out. Ahhh. A good day. Enough to be going on with.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sorting, Knitting, Playing with Yarn

When I was first unpacking and came to yarn, I stuffed it into any place I could find for it to be out of the way. Now that things are getting closer to being settled, I dumped it all out to sort and store properly. A little here.
More here.
And all that over there.
That's most of it.

I'm also tagging each one in Ravelry with "Florida" as I go, since I got rid of so much before moving (I know, hard to believe when you look at those photos, isn't it?), and I didn't keep track of it at the time. This way, I'll know if something is or isn't here before I go stash-diving to find it.

This is also an excellent way to spend time with my yarn and be reminded of how much lovely stuff I have. It's very satisfying.

Also satisfying is finishing a project, as I mentioned yesterday, and though I haven't woven in the ends on this one, it's nice to have it done. I spent a few days telling myself it was getting close, close.
Before finally being done.
 And here is the start of the baby blanket. So far, so good!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Few Things, Lacking Detail for now

I finished knitting a thing.
Ends to weave in, blocking to do.

I started knitting another thing.
No, it will not be a giant letter C.

I made tuna salad.

All the boxes are now upstairs from the garage.

No, they aren't all unpacked ... but it's still progress.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Look! Up in the Tree!

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
Oh, wait. It's a bird. Specifically, a female anhinga.
And that is a charming hammock that I would never dare go in, since one false move would dump you in the water.
You have to know yourself, and I know just how uncoordinated I am.

Scenes from a boat tour.

Friday, June 22, 2018

More Steps

I got my Florida driver's license today! I thought I'd be able to get license plates for the car today as well, but they have to get the title from the loan company first, so I got a temporary plate for now. Good enough!

Every thing that I can cross off the list is a good thing. I switched my car insurance. I opened a new checking account, since the bank I had in MA is a regional one that doesn't reach this far south, and I ordered checks--Bruins ones. I made a chiropractor appointment, and found a gynecologist to give me the Depo shot in July. I have a hairdresser.

Slowly, slowly, things fall into place. Not fast enough for me, some days--but they do.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

That's New

Aww, look at that! My car won't know what to do with itself in a garage!

I think we'll get used to it, though.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Morning, Night, and Between

Taken this morning:
Taken tonight:
Taken midday, though not today:
A hammock between two palms; someone has the right idea.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Yarn Quest

On Saturday, Mom and I went on a little errand adventure, with me driving to get the practice. After lunch, we were heading to Ft Myers to check out a yarn shop that I had seen online, called Hooked on Ewe.

When we were getting close, I found myself in an exit-only lane and had to go a little off the route, so I decided to put the address in the GPS and have it guide me the rest of the way. This was not a mistake, but did lead to confusion.

You see, I had looked at the map to find the store, and if you look at the bottom circle on this map, you will see that it appears to be in the outlet mall there. Which seemed a little odd, but not impossible. However, as it turns out, if you put the actual address into the map, it shows the real location, nearby (top circle).
Not only that, but the GPS did not use the route that I would have chosen, based on the actual location. I've drawn lines on this map to show it.
The black line is what the GPS wanted us to do, and I did follow it at first, though we were very puzzled as to why we were being sent through this little side neighborhood. When it looked like it was sending us down someone's driveway (that last curve), we said nope, went back out the way we came in, and followed the red route to where I had thought the store actually was, aka, in with the outlets. When, of course, it wasn't there, we went out the other side of the outlet mall and followed the GPS from there. Honestly, the GPS would have been much more sensible to send us the blue route in the first place. Confusing all around!

The store was nice, though, so I call it worth the trouble. It's a good-sized place, with lots of good yarns and other things, like fun knit-related decor.

I was on a mission for yarn for a baby blanket, and ended up coming out with this:
Not the greatest photo, though! It's Major, from Universal Yarn, colorway Aloe, and it's tones of blues with green and sort of light beige and I don't know what. It reminds me of the beach and the water. It's soft, it's machine washable, it's all good.

So on Sunday, I swatched, since the blanket I chose, Camilla, calls for Aran weight and this is bulky, so I may not make as many repeats across. To be determined!
I like how it comes out, at any rate.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

No, Thank You

This is one movie you couldn't pay me to see.
Clammy existential disquiet??

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Real Progress!

Now, I only unpacked two boxes and two bins today, before stopping in accordance with the wishes of my arms and back. However, something crucial was revealed.

Houston, we have knitting needles.
In case you were wondering, the Glenlivet container holds something nonalcoholic; after all, knitting drunk is not a good idea, unless you enjoy fixing mistakes, possibly while hung over.
But the actual contents are still wonderfully addictive.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Progress in the Office

I took it easy yesterday, in terms of unpacking and carrying, and my hands and arms were much less vocally unhappy. Today I did a cautious bit of work. While I don't have the office 100% settled, it's gotten a lot closer.

I've starting putting my things on the wall, like the Rogues of Wool poster:
And the boarding school photo, which I swear does not look crooked in real life.
Those three bins in the middle will go down to the garage (right now, the roofers keep blocking off parts of the walkway, and I haven't wanted to get things downstairs only to find I can't make it the last few feet, but this weekend I should have a clear shot). The odds and ends in the squares will clear out and make room for more yarn.

Freddy will go up above where he is leaning, but at least he's closer. And again, the odds and ends in the squares will mostly clear out and make room for more yarn.
There's yarn in those bins!
Closing the closet doors hides a multitude of "where do I want this to go?" items. The big-cats-painted-on-palm-fronds to the right of the doors are my mother's, and fit there too perfectly to move.
Well, technically I moved one of them, since it was to the left of the closet before I found that the bookcases fit there. But you see what I mean.

Considering I arrived two weeks ago today, not bad! I mean, do you notice what is not in these photos? Cardboard! All the upstairs boxes are unpacked. There are still 11 boxes (and 10 totes) in the garage to be unpacked, but I started with 56 boxes (and 15 totes), so this really feels like progress.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Living Outside

I could (and probably will) write a whole lengthy screed on things I am adjusting to being different about living here (not all big things and not all bad, but just a lot of different), but one thing that struck me tonight is how different it is that I'm spending more time outside. This is mostly due to the lanai, but also in part to the existence of the pool.

Up north, I mostly went outside when I was going somewhere. I do recall pulling out the camp chair last year and setting it up next to my car, since I didn't have yard space, so that I could get a little sun, but it was a makeshift fix at best, and I couldn't stay out there that long, and couldn't leave things set up there.

Here, in the morning, I get up and take my tablet and coffee and sit on the lanai to read the paper. I usually eat lunch at the table on the lanai. After work, I sit on the lanai and knit or read or chat with my mother. It's nice out there, and before you ask, yes, it's hot. The temperature is usually in the 80s or 90s, and the humidity might be 70 to 80 as well. But the mitigating circs are mostly not being in direct sun; being on the sixth floor, where there is often a breeze; having the ceiling fan if the breeze is not enough; lots of ice water (and thank heavens for the ice maker, Fred, who is very enthusiastic about his job); and most of all, the just sitting there and not exerting myself. If I had to actually work out there, physical work, it would be a different story. We keep the air conditioning on inside, so that's always an option, but mostly, I'd rather sit and look at this:
Who wouldn't? And while the screens interfere with my photography something wicked, they make it tolerable in terms of bugs; only the no-see-ums get through, and they aren't year-round, at least. Without screens (and some buildings don't have them, don't allow them), the lanai would not be nearly so useful.

As to the pool, I haven't been in it every day, but probably every second or third day, I pop down and float around for half an hour. There's a mesh pool float that supports you but keeps you in the water, and I just love it. The water is warm, there's usually a light breeze, the sun is nice, and my goodness, am I enjoying it.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Still Overdoing It

I woke up with sore arms and hands this morning from all I did over the weekend, unpackingwise, but when I checked work and didn't have anything to work on, I thought perhaps I would be able to get a little more done. I went down to the garage, put two bins on a cart, brought them up and unloaded them, and took the empty bins and a few of the empty OED boxes back down to the garage.

At this point, belatedly, I listened to how much my hands were hurting and stopped, but too late; my hands have been sore all day. It's just so hard not to go from doing that one thing, to one other thing, and eventually too many things.


Meanwhile, there were thunderstorms this morning (which cleared after some rain), and there are more tonight. I made tuna noodle for dinner, and I'm (slowly, carefully) doing a little knitting.

With lots of rests.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Time for some settling-in pictures! They are fairly crappy, but a lot of things have been unpacked but not yet determined where they go, so of course it's a bit of a mess that way. These are from Saturday, so I'm happy to say that there has been more progress since then. My intentions are to take it slowly with the unpacking, but intentions only take one so far, and I do keep working until my arms hurt. (As one of my dad's relatives liked to say, we get too soon old and too late smart.) But the process of unpacking is so much more fun than packing was. Figuring out where to put things is satisfying.

Most of my big bookcases are in the living room. I got the OED unpacked first, and then put in the combined fiction/mystery/sci-fi/fantasy books. Oh, and then the TV.
The fiction etceteras start here, then there are two shelves of DVDs above that. We've got room for a couple of shelves above, and will put photos on them, probably. The Ikea cube is there because it wouldn't fit in the bedroom or office when the movers came; it may stay there, or may move, undecided. It's not in the way where it is for now.
Looking into my office. All but one of those boxes are gone now.
The chair was a give from a friend of my mother. It's pretty comfortable. The idea is that when we have a house guest, the chair goes into the living room, which leaves a spot for the airbed.
The desk area:
I was so glad to get that set up Tuesday afternoon, so I could use my second monitor for work.

I didn't take photos of the bedroom, but I will get to that, and update these, as things continue to fall into place. For now, I'm off to do something that doesn't involve lifting. At least, not anything heavier than a water glass, or a book.

Friday, June 08, 2018

No Photos Tonight

Because I'm very tired from the doing of it, but I unpacked boxes and boxes of books tonight, and was so happy to see them again! (The books, not the boxes, obviously.) My mother said, not complaining but in surprise, "There's a library moving in!" And so there is. My library. Yay.

It was worth every drop of sweat and each ache and pain, but I am so, so ready for bed right now. But I'm going with a smile!

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Looking to Friday

It's Thursday night, and I am feeling the end of the week, so close but not yet here. The week after a vacation is always a little rough to work through, isn't it? And with all the work I did for the move, my "vacation" wasn't a complete vacation, either. Plus, now that my stuff is here, I keep wanting to unpack things, which is satisfying, but quickly tiring.

Which leads me to watching tonight's hockey game, or at least, wanting to. If the Capitals win tonight, they win the Cup, and if they do, I'd like to see it, but given how tired I am before the game has even started, I don't like my odds of making it to the end. I've been going to bed pretty early for the last week.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Comment Weirdness

Last week or sometime, I happened to notice that someone had left a blog comment but Blogger didn't email it to me, as it always does with comments, and I thought, "Oh, how weird," and promptly forgot about it. But today, when I realized that there have been comments since then that I also didn't receive, I looked into it, and it turns out Blogger is having a problem with that, and yeah, they're totally going to fix it! Soon! As of a week ago, so ... I won't hold my breath.

So, if I haven't answered your comment, that's why! I'm trying to catch up on things, but tonight, unpacking the OED came first.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

My Stuff, It Is Here

And I am happy!

And so tired, and sore, from just what unpacking I've done (not that much). It seems my body really remembers how tired it has been, and wants me to know that I am not quite forgiven yet.

Early to bed.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Back to Routine, Ish

Or, at least, after tomorrow, which is when the moving van comes!

I did work today, so that's half "back to routine" and half "making old routine new."

We're getting there.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Settling In

I'm doing better with the exhaustion than I was, but I'm still feeling a bit slower than usual, so I will just pop in to share a few photos from my new locale.

Like the pelican we saw yesterday while eating lunch (outside).

And the osprey we saw while eating lunch today (outside):
 Closer up:
From the other side:
And, just in case I get nostalgic for snow removal (ha!), I can visit this mailbox: