Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Kitten Report

Since I'll be away next weekend, I have enough kitten photos to hold you over. Well, that's my story, anyway.

The answer to the question of where the second kitten in this cage is?
Purring and accepting pets.
"What is this delicious ruffle on your shirt?"
"Yes, I can stop racing around like my butt is on fire," says Banana. "I just choose not to."
Banana is adopted, his sister isn't. Wouldn't they be confusing to have together?
"Hmm. I know I said meow, but now I'm not sure I like it way up here."
"Yes?" Ruby was dubious of me. Later, I picked her up, and she sneezed on me, which is a good way to get put down, if that's what you want.
Back for some loving.
"Wow, what are you?"
"You are big and skeery!"
"I will retreat to my camouflage place again."

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good News

The world overall isn't the greatest place today, is it, but my own little world isn't doing badly.

  • My chest is sore today, but only because I got my annual mammogram (if you're eligible, get yours!), and it came back clear.
  • The doctor is just adorable, about 100 years old and very eager to show me the scans and be sure I understand what I'm seeing. My mother was right, I love him.
  • I also got my first bone density scan, which was painless, I must say, and though some of my numbers trended toward osteopenic, the overall scores were fine.
  • And best of all, my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and had a double mastectomy, let friends know today that she will not need chemo or radiation! Such wonderful news. She is still recovering from major surgery, will need reconstruction later, and will take medication probably forever, but still, whew. Wonderful news.
  • And I'm off to knitting!

How has your day been, in the small-picture, personal sense?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No, I Won't Be Looking That Up

My mother and I were on the highway yesterday and came across this ... interesting ... vehicle. Have you ever seen anything like?
What does that say? "For adults who love to play"?
I am absolutely not looking at that website. I'm not saying you should, either.
Is it, as Mary Ellen guessed, "like a bookmobile, but for porn"? I may never know.

I'm okay with that.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Beauty on the Beach

Tonight after dinner, I took a walk down to the beach. I came back, dripping with sweat (not enough of a breeze*), with a handful of shells and more than 50 photos of the beach and the sunset.
*You people with your talk of autumn's chill in the's still in the 90s and humid here.
It was pretty when I got there, and the sky just got more lovely.
Sky, clouds, water, all that.

Oh, and birds, of course. This is apparently called a shorebird; doesn't that sound vague? I can see that the Google-image search for this will suck me into an endless wormhole, so I will move on.
After showing a rare inverted shorebird, that is.
Pelican, taking off after a plunge.
And ... an egret of some kind? Maybe? Honestly, I'm afraid to Google it right now. I'll never get to bed.
Whatever he was, he was beautiful.
And digging for dinner.
But mostly, beautiful.
The view north didn't look quite as far into sunset yet.
It's wild to think that the people at the bottom of this building must be sometimes condescended to by the snobs, when they admit how high up they are not.
And yet, if this is the view from the beach, even the lowest-level condo would be good.
With the beautiful beach as well.
At least the sunset can be viewed by anyone, whether you can afford the multi-million-dollar condo or not.
And the sun was, indeed, setting.
I watched it sinking for a bit...
And decided to head home before dark.
I did look back as I walked away, though.

It's kind of ridiculously beautiful.
Don't you think?
No moving regrets here.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

This Sunday in Kittens

You  know what day it is, right?

First view was of this guy:
But you see the number 4 hanging there? We have to go to the cages in order, so sorry, little friend, you have to wait your turn.

I petted one of the cats alone in a cage, then went into the larger romper room with the six kittens.

Someone jumped into my lap before I finished sitting down.
"Hi! You keep petting me, please?"
Here I learned I had made a tactical error: my capris, like half the ones I own, had little drawstrings on the cuffs.
Aka, built-in cat toys.
Time to discourage that! Cute but pointy.
The little monkeys settled down somewhat when lunch was being served (I was there at the same time as the cleaning-and-feeding volunteer).
Apparently this was the tabby bowl.
After lunch, time for a bath.
I went from that group to another singleton in a cage, Murphy, who was fine with being petted, but complained loudly when I tried lifting him out for a cuddle. So a little petting, and on to number 4.

Who was still waiting.
These two are the bottle babies from last month, growing nicely and eating on their own now.

"At last, I have your lap!"
"What do I do with it?"
They've got a swing set up; she jumped out, pushing it away slightly, so it swung back into her, and she went LEAP into the air.
The other one, meanwhile, played peek-a-boo through the hole. Through:
And back.
I got a lot of fuzzy pictures of the enthralling game, Hold Still So I Can Bite Your Tail.
Once again, feeding time leads to less-blurry photos.
 Although they were clearly still listening.
As I got ready to leave, I looked back to the other room.
And was asked to return.
Next week, kiddo, if you're still there, I'll see you!