Thursday, December 29, 2022


Every once in a while, I'll have a recruiter reaching out to me about a job, even though I'm not looking for one, and they tend to be fairly off-base: temporary positions, in-person in Delaware, require qualifications I've never heard of, that sort of thing. But today's was so far off base that it's funny, so I have to share.

My phone rang first, and as it was a number I didn't know and just said New Jersey, I cut it off.

It started ringing again immediately, and I cut it off again.

I got a text message at the same moment as the voice mail about it, and then a minute later an email as well.

And the position? Echocardiographer. Hmm. I am dubious that they "have reviewed your profile and it looked like a good match for the job position below." But let's keep an open mind and see what it needs.

"Required Exp: 2+ years of Echo experience with transthoracic echocardiography and dobutamine stress echocardiography. Knowledge of Cardiology, Medical Terminology, basic Physics, Biology and Anatomy"

Well, I have some knowledge of medical terminology! Probably more than your average English major does. None of the rest of it, though. Any more detail?

"The Echocardiographer is responsible for preliminary echocardiographic measurements, summarizing diagnostic data and communicating information to manager or requesting physician. Performs a variety of technical duties using phono-apexcardiograms, imaging duplex and ultrasound equipment."

Nope, nope, nope! Not me. (There's also no mention of pay, if like me you were curious what that job gets.)

Also, loved this part: "Shift: 40h 8:00am-4:30p. weekend and holidays if needed"

I'm afraid I do need weekends and holidays, yes.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Can you believe that this morning I had to get up when the alarm went off? And be at my desk at a specific time?

And wade through 182 emails?

And work on a report in powerpoint? That had three different proofing languages on one slide?

As well as some shorter pieces that included one where the writer had a few sentences lacking a verb?

Sigh. Reality is a harsh mistress. Vacation is great, but it really cements how much I want to not work.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Truth in Advertising

Today, I am wearing a shirt I got for Christmas.

And here is herself, showing why the shirt is perfect for me.
She was sleeping the whole time we were out today (taking my brother to the airport), but still, we were out and she is displeased.

From up close.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Happy Merry!

Merry Christmas if you celebrate, happy Sunday if you don't! Here's the holiday card I did this year. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Eve

Look at the calendar, y'all, we made it!

All the pockets are empty, and the top is full.
We are having "I know this isn't cold by your standards but it is frigid by ours" cold weather. This was this morning:

And in two-plus hours, it has gone up one degree. Brrr.

But we're here, and ready to have a low-key good time. I hope all is well with you.

Friday, December 23, 2022

The Light

Yesterday, my brother and I went for a walk on the beach. It wasn’t typical beach weather, but the light on the clouds and the water was beautiful. Can you see the group of birds in some of these photos?

I found a pretty shell, too.
The inside almost glows.
And then the sunset sky.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tomorrow, the Star

We’re almost there!

And the vodka sweater is atop the ornament tree.
Why not? It makes us laugh.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff

I ran some errands yesterday, one of which was stopping in at Lowe's to see if they had any wreaths left, or other fragrant greenery, to bring the smell of Christmas into the house. We have an ornament tree to hold certain favorites, and it's pretty, but it lacks that scent.

Unsurprisingly, six days before Christmas, pickings were slim*, but they had a few of these potted things left that had a variety of greenery, and if some of it was past its best, well, they charged me about 80% off, and for under six dollars, I'll take it happily.

*I believe they had four Christmas trees left.

It smells really good! 
Maggie for scale. We'll move it inside after the cleaners are done today; it's scenic on the lanai, but inside is where we want that smell.

Here are a few other angles of the ornament tree, with the cat inspector:

And from the side, with a backdrop of knitting needle display.
And a few other recent sights, just for amusement.

Or horror, in the case of Valentine's candy already out on the shelf. In December! I was appalled.

And can anyone explain Joan of Arc as a brand name for beans?
We had to buy the vodka in the sweater. Has a bit of an attitude, doesn't it?
I hope you're doing well, or hanging in there at least. We've definitely had to tone down some expectations this year, and I am more or less managing to be okay with some things not getting done. My brother comes in tomorrow, we'll be together, and that's what matters most.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Startitis, Again

Here comes the knitting anti-monogamy again!

Sometimes I just feel the urge to cast on one new project after another, you know? Earlier this month, I ran across a red-and-white skein of self-striping yarn from String Theory Colorworks, and on impulse cast on a Ruffles Scarf to see if it would knit up like a candy cane. And the answer is, kind of yes! It's hard to get a good photo of, but here's what I have:

So I'm having fun with that. And then this morning, I was thinking about how, on some headachy mornings, I would like something light and warm on my head and neck (so not a regular hat), and I took a quick look on Ravelry, and here's this pattern that calls itself a balaclava, Bonbec, that looks like it would do that. 

And it calls for DK yarn, and how about that, I just happen to have recently bought some really nice DK, which as it's baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere, would feel light and lovely on my headachy head, I think.

I haven't cast it on yet (I haven't even bought the pattern). But don't be surprised if I do.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Eleven Whole Days

I knew that today would drag: the last work day before vacation always does. But eventually, time passed, and I find myself looking at 11 consecutive days off. ELEVEN!

My brother arrives Wednesday morning, and I decided a while back to save enough vacation to take the whole week off, so that I could get ready without stressing the night before. Then we get Monday off, since Christmas is on Sunday; he leaves Monday afternoon, and I'm taking my last vacation day on Tuesday, so I can try to straighten myself out for the return to reality.

Ugh. Reality. Why does the working grind have to be reality? Why can't I win the lottery, retire, and fill my time doing what I want to, on my own schedule or lack thereof? Who's in charge here--I would like to have a word.

But anyway. I am going to enjoy the stuffing out of the next 11 days.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Yum! Ho, Ho, Ho

I first mentioned Garrett's caramelcorn (they call it caramel crisp) in 2020, when I got some for Mom for mother's day and she loved it. I've gotten it for her since, and I love it too, enough that for my birthday this year, I mentioned to my brother that I wouldn't mind getting some for myself. (Which he did send, bless him, and it was so good.) I've also sent some as gifts, which have been enthusiastically received.

So this year, when I ran across a sale on a really, really big tin, I decided that the three* of us should have a very caramelcorn Christmas, and it arrived today.

*My, Mom, and my brother--not Maggie!

It is big (the Family size tin, which the website says is 35 cups).

And so, so good.
Anyone want to make a guess when it will be finished?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A Word About Words

I do try to speak kindly to myself, to remember that for instance, I wouldn't scold a friend for being a fucking klutz if she dropped something. But I am a fucking klutz, frankly, and I do drop things, and when I drop something that makes a mess, and then in cleaning up the mess I am reminded that I hurt myself previously while being a fucking klutz, well. So much for the kind self-talk.

How coordinated are you? Are you at all coordinated, or would you, just theoretically, not be surprised if, in starting to trip over a shoe on the floor, you startled back in such a way that you hurt your knee?

Just theoretically.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Maggie's New Scratcher

Maggie, being the spoiled princess that she is, has more than one cardboard scratcher, because of course she does. I have often put up photos of her casually hanging out on this one:

Well, last week she threw up and some of it got on the scratcher, so it had to be thrown out, and Maggie kept stopping meaningfully in the empty spot to stare at me. 

Fortunately for her, Santa was already bringing her one for Christmas (see above re: spoiled princess), so she got her present a little early.

"Is this for me?"
Sniff sniff sniff.
"Ooh, it's scratchy!"
Sniff sniff sniff.
So you'll be seeing a lot more of these photos.


I mean.
How cute is she?
All curled up.
Triumphant roar!