Sunday, March 04, 2018

The Three-Sock "Pair"

More knitting: I finished the three-sock set! I had updated back in January on my decision to go ahead with the third sock, and I finished it about a month later.

Three socks all in a row.
The yarn again darkened perceptibly halfway through the third sock.
Similar to what it had done on the foot of the second sock.
So now there are three kind-of-weird, mismatched socks. The yarn does feel lovely.
I am resisting the urge to create a plan for wearing them so that they are all worn equally. I think that's just my current feelings of not controlling the whole sell-move process coming out. The socks will be fine.

And I am on to the next pair, in the Queensland yarn I bought at Webs last month.
The color is shifting gradually: you can see what's coming next.
The yarn is a little splitty, but otherwise nice to work with, and I love the colors. Mermaid-y.

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