Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A Few Points of Random

  • I am very tired. Physically, mentally.
  • Still, progress is being made.
  • A friend came over today and helped me carry things down to the basement. Isn't that an awesome thing to do? She offered! She doesn't even live that close!
  • I "only" had 11 boxes/bins packed up, but that's half-a-dozen trips down that she saved me from.
  • Which, given how my right knee started complaining on my last trip down, is a very good thing.
  • Yes, my ankle isn't thrilled with me now either.
  • And yes, I'm taking it easy tonight. New book, and a Bruins game: it's the couch for me.
  • Progress has been made with the contractor as well; we now have paint that as-near-as-never-mind matches the bathroom walls, so he can do his patch thing and then will be able to paint over it. This is a multi-day process, but we're hoping that he can start Thursday afternoon.
  • Only "hoping" because the storm that's starting tomorrow might bring me three inches of snow, or it might be a foot. No one seems too sure right now where the line will fall.
  • Yes, I hate the thought of snow more than I can bear to think about. But I got a few groceries last night, so I don't need to leave the house for a few days. It will pass, it will pass.
  • I keep telling myself.

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Mary Ellen said...

Think snow thoughts this direction. I want a snow day!