Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014, Q1 Review

While I don't quite have the time or energy to do a full month-by-month blog-year-in-review, I thought it would be interesting to do some looking back at the past year, and see what I remember and what I'd forgotten. As I get ready to leave in just over a week for Christmas in Florida, it's fun to look back at last year's visit, anyway! And since I wrote that summary on New Year's Day, it counts.

Other January notes:
  • I came back with that bad cold or whatever it was, so I was still dragging when I went to the MFA for the Sargent exhibition.
  • I wrote more than once about how I was sure Carlos needed cat company. It's a little disturbing for me to read, knowing how rocky the year has been in that respect. Not quite like yelling "don't go in there" at the movie screen, but along those lines.
  • There was the day we had the mouse in the office, ew.
  • A really cute cat video!
  • Also unnerving to read about applying for jobs I know I won't get, but it made me smile to read how I was hoping to have two W2 forms when I do my taxes for this year, "the one from this job and one from the new better job I will get this year!"
  • I knit a shawl for Grandma, and was pleased with how it came out.
  • Brought home a cat! (Guess what? It didn't work out for us. Sigh.)
And February:
  • I am really, really hoping that this coming winter does not hit me like last winter did. Or I may in fact have to move to Florida sooner than later.
  • I decided that I was going to have to give the new cat back. Still sorry about that, though it was for the best. Especially for Carlos.
  • In a break from the relentless winter-and-job complaining, I had a great time yarn crawling!
  • And by complaining about winter, I mean things like this:
...30 with a brisk wind on Sunday, if by brisk you understand I mean, "Step outside and you will lose all feeling in your face, as well as your will to live."
It only gets better, I think. We'll see how Q2 goes.

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