Sunday, March 09, 2014

Of Dropping Off George

I wanted to get this up this morning, as I'm out for the day and may return only with the energy to crash on the couch.
I was bringing George to an adoption event that they were having at a local pet store, so that he could be displayed for possible adoption that day. They'd asked me to arrive around 1, when it was starting, so I did, and found a woman setting up, but no other animals there yet. She knew the situation, and we talked about the paperwork and all, and she put George in one of the display cages. I had brought him in with a throw blanket he loved to knead on, and the catnip toy Mary Ellen made for him, which he adored. He was very alert, looking around, but not too scared. He did seem to retreat briefly at one point, and the woman and I agreed that he seemed not to like the neon-pink jacket of a girl walking by--he was really watching that, and not a dog or anything else! Funny.

While the woman and I were talking, she made eye contact with a man who came into the area, asking was he looking for a cat, and it turned out he was looking for someone for his cat to play with; his roommate has two Jack Russells and the cat tries to play with them, jumps on them, and they just shrug and walk away. I said that George would LOVE to have a cat who wanted to play with him, and we spoke briefly before I excused myself, since I didn't want to be too pushy and get in the way of the possible adoption. But maybe he took George! Doesn't that sound ideal? I checked their website this morning, and George wasn't on the list of adoptable cats, so maybe. And if not, hopefully soon such a situation will come up. He was a really nice cat, just not the right cat for us here.

Carlos has been so relaxed. He seems to realize that the coast is completely clear, and isn't skulking around corners at all.
It's great not to worry about him.


Blogger goosefairy said...

I think you gave it a worthy try but, like you said, you had to do what was best for Carlos. He looks so happy and relaxed here. I know it was really bothering you. I think you made the right choice for all involved.

11:15 AM, March 10, 2014  

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