Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update, Update, Update, No Update, Update

One update:
So, do you remember how two weeks ago, after I had to miss work due to the big snowstorm, my boss talked to her boss about getting me a laptop, so I can work from home during such things? And the answer was yes?

And have you noticed that I haven't written about getting that laptop?

And do you know what the weather forecast for today/tomorrow was?

Yup. Here I am, home a bit early because of snow, not expecting to be able to get in until tomorrow afternoon if then, missing more work because of snow. How silly are they? And yes, another message from the division head saying to be sure to bring your laptops home because of the storm! I again heroically resisted the urge to reply, "Would if I could!"

Two update:
There's good news and bad news about the cat search: the good news is I heard back about the cat I asked about, and that they were honest; the bad news is that she's not the cat for me. If "the part about trusting people is still a work in progress," then no, I wish them well, but I can't sign up for that again. It seems as if she's in better shape than Miri was that way, but not good enough.

Anyway, I looked through Petfinder again last night, while Carlos had me pinned to the couch (thank you, iPad), and found another possible to inquire about. The description sounds promising, and I'm waiting for someone to call back; we'll see.

Three update:
About the heater at work: in order to check the theory that it was the heater itself that was causing the problems, before buying a replacement, I brought in a small heater I have at home (for heating up the bathroom when I'm feeling more than usually chilly). I unplugged Mary Ellen's, plugged in mine, and turned it on. It ran, without popping the surge protector. It stayed on. Ah-ha, I thought, and prepared to throw out the other one. Not being chilled was a very pleasant feeling.

Some time later, however, maybe half an hour or an hour later, off it went. What? I turned it on, but it was sure. Poof. So I began experimenting.

First, I plugged the surge protector in to another plug, in case it was the plug that was the problem. Poof. Nope.

Next, I plugged my heater into a different surge protector. And ... it stayed on. And on. Okay, then.

As a cross-check, I plugged the old one into the new surge protector. It went on and stayed on, but smelled like something was burning (enough that someone else commented on it). That's it for experiments in the office, I decided. Out with the old, in with the new. And there was warmth in the land, and it was good.

Four (no) update:
Is, of course, on the job application. No, I didn't expect to hear anything yet. Still. One hopes

Five update:
The shawl blocked quite nicely, and I mailed it off this morning.

Here it is before blocking. See how the bottom edge ruffles, and the top edge curls in?
And here it is, pinned out:
And with the inspector in the background:
The top edge didn't even need to be pinned to flatten out.
I like how the whole thing looks. Especially with lace, blocking is magic.
And hopefully Grandma will like it, too. Eight days of knitting, not bad.

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Blogger goosefairy said...

That's just nuts about the laptop. Nuts. I've also got my fingers crossed that you'll hear something soon about the job.

9:48 AM, January 22, 2014  

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