Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Begging You. Lie to Me.

(Credit Mary Ellen for sharing this on Facebook. Oh, yeah.)

Please tell me that someday, I will not be coughing. I will not make sure to travel with a quart-sized bag of cough drops (to have a variety of flavors), and will not always be sure to place cough drops by the couch, by the bed, on the kitchen table, and in my pocket. I will not have a cough drop in my mouth all night, and most of the day. That, correspondingly, the roof of my mouth will not be tender, and my throat raw from coughing anyway. That I will no longer contemplate pausing in the middle of eating lunch for a cough drop.

That one day there will be color in the world again. And warmth. That I will be able to step outside without layering up. That I will no longer see my breath. That the days of shoveling and scraping and slipping will end.

Please tell me these things. Lie if you must.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

It will get better! I promise! Just a few more weeks! (Also, maybe go back to the doctor for the cough, if it isn't abating...)

9:28 PM, February 12, 2014  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Seriously, get a prescription for Tussionex. That was the only thing that knocked out my cough. It's magic in a bottle.

10:01 AM, February 13, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

In a few days we'll have blue skies and the sun will cause the snow to sparkle. We'll see the beauty and although it's a right royal pain in the arse we'll forgive New England for having winter - at least for a few minutes.

And please do call the doctor's office about that persistent cough.

You are not contemplating a move from your home by the end of this month and finding your recently ordered moving boxes have not stirred from U-Haul central in Kansas due to the weather. You have a laptop and two kitties in a cozy warm place so don't need to venture forth from your condo. Be at peace!

10:21 AM, February 13, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

I'm not a good liar, but This Too Shall Pass.

I've had nosebleeds every other day since it got cold, and the rash I thought the dermatologist figured out last year came back with a vengeance.

But it will ALLLLLLL go away soon. :)

6:05 PM, February 13, 2014  

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