Friday, February 14, 2014

Between Storms

We got a bit more snow this morning, but not much. Which is fine! Clearing it off the car yesterday was like dealing with six inches of wet cement, and the ground is still all ice and slush. Yesterday my neighbor was snow-blowing while I was out there, and he said, "I like winter, but I'm getting sick of this." I said, "I didn't like it to begin with!"

Also there's another storm coming tomorrow. I'm in the 4-to-8 inches band. Let us not speak of this. I'm getting pretty close to calling movers, Florida here I come. (It doesn't help that one of my friends is IN Florida this week. I mean, I'm happy for her, but just barely.)

I did work from home again today, which was peaceful and productive, and let us not forget, not cold. So pleasant to not have to wear all those layers! And still be cold! Also, I got caught up on laundry, and had furry company.

George sat on the couch with me at lunchtime, and when I got up and plopped him into the warm spot, he settled right down, as you can see.
He shifted now and then, registering a noise or movement, but he's been there for a couple of hours now.

I'm going to join him and get knitting. My mother emailed me this morning to say that my grandmother has asked for a little scarf to wear around her neck. My mother asked her about the one I just made for her, but apparently Grandma is convinced it would be stolen in the nursing home. Which is flattering, if perhaps a wee bit silly. But anyway, I pulled out the yarn leftover from the green mittens I made last year and started tonight. Hopefully it will be less prone to theft! I'm going with a simple basketweave, and the third start seems to be working.
First one was too wide, second one was a combination of shit-there's-a-mistake and damn-I-hate-metal-needles. Third one, well, so far so hoopy. Off to get to it!

Hmmm, perhaps I'll eat first. We don't want a crash like last night's again.


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