Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Little Craft Show

The art league near me has craft shows a few times a year, but I haven't gone to one for a while, and when I saw it was this weekend, and the Bruins game on Sunday was at 5, that gave me enough time to go and check it out without rushing. It was fun!

There were roughly two dozen vendors; a surprising lot of them were jewelry, and I don't wear jewelry that much, so I didn't make any purchases there. And there were a couple of clothing ones where I didn't bother digging in to check for my size, since the choices tend to be limited to none for bigger people like me. There were a couple of booths that had large art/d├ęcor, that people might use for on their lanai or by the pool, which I appreciated but was not shopping for. 

But I did buy a few things! There was a tent with these little shells that a woman paints in different ways, and I had to get a couple of those. She calls them ring holders, and I'm not describing it well, so here, look:

This one is pretty (so pretty), but the next one is just funny.
The cat's eff-off expression just cracks me up. Had to have it.

The clay guild was also having a pottery sale, and I am a sucker for pottery. I have random bowls and bits all over the place. I got this one, which is lovely inside:
And out:
And then this vase-pitcher-type thing. 
It was a bit hard to get the colors to show right.
It's kind of chameleon-like.
And I like it! 

Basically, it was fun, even though it's warm and so humid right now that I was truly dripping with sweat before I left (I know, charming). But worth going! And now, I get to sit in the a/c, watch a live crowdcast, and then watch the Bruins game. Go Bruins!


  1. What fun! Looks like you got some excellent items.

  2. That last one looks like something Mel and Kris would have made (or at least painted) and I have a whole kitchen in Mel and Kris--gorgeous!

    Laughed out loud at the cat holder. So perfect.