Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Whew, and Again, Whew

I took half a day off today for two things: an appointment with my new doctor, and my first lunch with the local Newcomer's Club, which I am joining to get to know people (at least, the women people, since despite the non-specific name, it is for women). And I'm wiped out!

I like the new doctor a lot, which is very good. My mother had several people tell her that this doctor is wonderful, and I agree; she came across as smart, she listened, we discussed, it was all good. Just such a lot of stuff to discuss! The joys of aging: let's talk about my blood pressure and arthritis and migraines, and get a flu shot, and do I need the shingles vaccine, and what about the pneumonia shot, and I think I have a plantar's wart coming up on my foot, and there's the colonoscopy and the blood work and and and.

But we're good. Under control. Fine.

Before that was the lunch, which was over two hours of being pleasant and social with strangers, and though it was all very good, it was exhausting! So much interacting! There was a talk given by someone from the historical society, which was a relief in that sense, much less "coming at me from all angles" than the rest of it was.

They have drawings for the "centerpiece" at each table, and I won ours: a bottle of wine, so that's pretty funny. And then later, they draw (from all the group) for so many prizes donated by 'our sponsors,' and I won one of those as well! (There were about 50 women there, and there must have been close to two dozen prizes, so not as crazy as it sounds.) Sadly, instead of a restaurant gift certificate, it was to a salon, and though it's a super-generous prize, if you know me in person, you will know that I am not a $150-color-and-cut girl. But there were some samples and things to play with, so it's not all going with my mother to see if she knows anyone who wants it.

The tragedy of the day was that I didn't realize I hadn't put the sock project bag in my purse, so I was without knitting for all the waiting time. I bet I would have had the toe done on the sock if I'd had it with me! But if that's the worst thing that happened, it was a pretty good day.

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