Sunday, September 23, 2018

This Sunday in Kittens

You  know what day it is, right?

First view was of this guy:
But you see the number 4 hanging there? We have to go to the cages in order, so sorry, little friend, you have to wait your turn.

I petted one of the cats alone in a cage, then went into the larger romper room with the six kittens.

Someone jumped into my lap before I finished sitting down.
"Hi! You keep petting me, please?"
Here I learned I had made a tactical error: my capris, like half the ones I own, had little drawstrings on the cuffs.
Aka, built-in cat toys.
Time to discourage that! Cute but pointy.
The little monkeys settled down somewhat when lunch was being served (I was there at the same time as the cleaning-and-feeding volunteer).
Apparently this was the tabby bowl.
After lunch, time for a bath.
I went from that group to another singleton in a cage, Murphy, who was fine with being petted, but complained loudly when I tried lifting him out for a cuddle. So a little petting, and on to number 4.

Who was still waiting.
These two are the bottle babies from last month, growing nicely and eating on their own now.

"At last, I have your lap!"
"What do I do with it?"
They've got a swing set up; she jumped out, pushing it away slightly, so it swung back into her, and she went LEAP into the air.
The other one, meanwhile, played peek-a-boo through the hole. Through:
And back.
I got a lot of fuzzy pictures of the enthralling game, Hold Still So I Can Bite Your Tail.
Once again, feeding time leads to less-blurry photos.
 Although they were clearly still listening.
As I got ready to leave, I looked back to the other room.
And was asked to return.
Next week, kiddo, if you're still there, I'll see you!

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