Saturday, January 04, 2014

Yes, Sargent!

I thought about blogging, and found myself thinking, "No, I just don't have anything in me right now," and then had to laugh at myself because I sure do have something in me right now: snot! Sorry, but the congestion rages on, and I am dragging. I was able to go to a museum with friends today because someone else drove and all I had to do was let myself be toted along, and I enjoyed it a great deal but I am wiped out. Boy, I thought I normally didn't have a lot of energy, but this is low.

Still, if you have a chance to get to the MFA and see the Sargent exhibition, I do recommend it, and it's there for two more weeks. It was super-crowded today, but such amazing paintings. So here you are, some crappy* photos of amazing paintings.
*I couldn't even get straight on to some of them. Crowded.

They also had a few Brits in there for some reason, and I quite liked this Ruskin.
And not forgetting the Chihuly in the courtyard.
And that truly is all I have. Good night!

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