Friday, January 17, 2014

Pre-Weekend, Cat and Hockey

In what I hope presages a good weekend of accomplishments, I did laundry after work tonight, and half a dozen loads later, all my clothing is clean (I got behind while I was sick). Still need to do sheets and towels, but a good start.

Speaking of being sick. While I am feeling somewhat better, I really am, I just can't seem to shake the last of this congestion, and the related coughing is slaying me. I get a few minutes here and there between cough drops, but all too soon, I feel that tickle and then I'm coughing and people are asking if I'm all right or offering me cough drops when I have a cough drop in my mouth already, give it a minute, I'm sorry, hack, hack, hack. Make it stop, please. I've finished the prescription cough syrup, and am back to OTC. Anything to buy me a little time without a cough drop. The syrup is kind of nasty, but then so is the coughing. I'm glad to be back of normal levels of tired, but you know me, always complaining, I want more! Or rather, less, less congestion thank you. Okay?

Tomorrow I take the baby to the vet, for some shots and a laundry list of minor questions. Hopefully all will be well, right? I don't think I can take it if anything isn't okay. It will be okay. It will.

In conclusion, here's a story for the hockey fans and the cat lovers. To quote the Puck Daddy headline: "Canadian zookeepers play hockey with lions, because of course they do".

Who would have thought a lion would enjoy playing hockey? A Canadian, that's who. I love it. Time for a rerun.

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