Monday, January 27, 2014

Hard to be Sure, But I Think it went well

And while who knows if that's true, it beats feeling sure it was awful, right? Feels better.

If we go by what I wrote when I applied for this job about steps in the process, i.e.,
Step one, of course, is the challenging one of finding a job that is a good enough fit to be worth applying for it.

Step two is (duh) actually applying for it.

With that done, I now enter step hoping-for-step-three, aka, waiting.
Then the progression would be, I suppose:

Step three: hearing about a phone interview. Check!

Step waiting-for-four, and then step four, the phone interview, check!

Meaning I am now at step hoping for five. Right? Check my math?

The recruiter said that he'll be talking with a few other people this week, and to the hiring manager about whether they want to do the evaluation when people come in, or before. So hopefully, this won't be an interminable wait. I mean, it will feel like it, but it would anyway.

He was nice. It sounds great. Oh please, oh please, oh please.

Oh, also, I heard tonight that the latest cat I asked about has found a new home already. Sent a message about the next possibility. My furry friend needs a friend, stat. And doesn't "SUPER friendly to both humans and other cats" sound promising?

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