Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Up and Down, Up and Down

I had a very up and down day, emotionally. I'm so excited about the job prospect, but there are other things going on in life, as there so often are.

A friend's mother died recently. As I understood it, theirs was a difficult relationship, but your mother is your mother, and I hurt for her.

Phone interview! Went well! Hopes! Nerves!

My grandmother is in the hospital. It's not a critical situation, though at almost 100 that could certain change quickly, but it will lead to her going into a nursing home, which is both a sad thing and a thing it's time for. Mixed emotions right there.

Job? Prospect? Please?

The second cat I asked about turned out to have been adopted already, which is good for that cat, but not so much for Carlos. I sent out a couple of queries on other cats, in hopes that I will find a good one quickly*. Buddy needs a buddy! (Also, reading listings on Petfinder can be depressing. All these cats being dumped! Who does this?)
*One of which was already shot down: "super affectionate but I don't think he would do well with other cats." Nope.

Job? Interview? Will I make the cut? Next step? Please?

Up and down. Also, I've had so many cough drops that I'm starting to crave soft, smooth food to give my mouth and throat a break. Not that that stopped me from getting a pizza tonight, because I had a sudden craving mid-afternoon, and because $5 pizza, you know?

I didn't bike last night, as I went from post-interview-hyper to crashed on couch with cat, ready and more than ready for bed, in the blink of an eye. Tonight I will ride. Though I may also have ice cream, because PMS. Which, now that I think of it, also probably contributed to my up and down day. Hmmm.

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  1. Well! I will keep all these things in my prayers. (Sometimes I think my parents wouldn't mind shipping Calamity Jane up to Carlos--but I don't think my sister would forgive them.)