Monday, January 13, 2014

Doe, a Mouse, a ...well, I didn't actually get that close

Tell me, what do you think about this pitch I recently received for the blog?
I know your site is not exactly about bowling but you seem like you enjoy staying active and participating in group events.
Yeah, I love that: not "exactly" about bowling. Could it be any clearer that they didn't read one entry? Until knitting or reading or petting the cat count as "staying active," that is one claim I can't make. Ah, well. Moving on.

Today, the work day started with some wholly unnecessary excitement. I was puzzled upon arrival to see that my plant, Seymour, had dirt scattered all around the pot. I got further confused that my nearest neighbor didn't seem to understand what I was talking about, but it turned out that he was talking to the guy on his other side, who is rather soft-spoken, and who had said it must have been caused by the mouse.

Mouse? What mouse? Over where?

There were a few minutes when Second Guy was the only one who could see the mouse (I may have said he was hallucinating), but suddenly [gasp!] there it was. Mouse on the windowsill! I retreated strategically, while five guys played an enthusiastic game of How many PhDs* does it take to catch a mouse?
*They may not all have PhDs, but at least some do. They tackled the task with the enthusiasm of the boys in seventh grade going after the bees that floated through the classroom windows (until Eddie broke a window pane and the activity was banned).

Finally, there was a senior analyst holding up a mouse by the tail (over a waste basket, just in case), and it was removed from the premises. I cleaned off my desk and scrubbed my hands, but remained thoroughly squicked out for some time.

The same analyst e-mailed me a picture of a mouse later in the morning, but honestly, in pictures they're cute! They just don't belong in certain places, like on my desk. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Later on, something nice happened, as if the universe wanted to throw in some counterbalance, and my boss received a box which turned out to be a small treat basket from one of the groups we do work for, thanking us for helping them achieve their 2013 goal. So that was nice! Don't let it be said that all I do on this blog is complain! Most, maybe, but not ALL.

Actually, I have something else to not-complain about, but you have to picture me knocking wood and crossing fingers and all, to not jinx myself as I say it:
I haven't had an awful headache since October. 
I know! That's a long time! I mean, the longest I've had in the last few years, anyway. Wow, man. That chiropractor is never going to see the end of me...

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  1. Catching up on your blog and WOW. This is amazing news. May it long last.