Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Yarn-and-Muppet Cure

While I am by no means "all better" today, I am certainly feeling better than I did yesterday (not that that's saying much, I spent most of yesterday in bed). I didn't go in to work again today, though, feeling that pushing it too soon would be asking for a setback. I'm reasonably sure that I'll be able to go in tomorrow. Heck, I've been sitting at the computer for several minutes now and I'm sitting up, not leaning forward with all my weight on my arms, and yes, folks, that's progress. Sadly. Anyway, I spent part of last night and more of today knitting on the couch while watching dvds of The Muppet Show, and the laughing hasn't even sent me off into major coughing fits. It's a miracle!

I decided that if I could sit up long enough, I could write about the Christmas presents that I knit this year, since I know you've been on pins and needles to see. I should apologize for the photos, which are not all great; the stress of the season, when I figured getting any picture was better than no picture. How my standards slip in December.

The type of item I mostly made was the cotton washcloth, given with various bars of soaps, from Apple Festival and the like. I made some that were patterns like pictures, and others that were textured. For instance, in texture, I made a couple like this (one for my mother and one for my grandmother):
Also one in black, for my brother.
He got another one, with a picture of a skull, obviously.
My Hawaii-loving aunt got a picture of a palm tree:
And she also got a different "textured" one, knit diagonally for a little variety. Like this:
It ends up square, of course. Or, you know, square-ish.
For my friend, a shaped flower one that would make a nice doily:
Or make two and sew together for a pillow cover, perhaps.

Then there was a different flower, another for grandma.
One more for my mother, and this one is an "oh, is that what that is" item that requires explanation, I'm afraid. Take a look:
Okay? Flip-flops. I know, you have to use your imagination. Or look at some of the projects in Ravelry, some of which seem more obvious than mine. No matter, she liked it.

I was getting pretty tired of knitting with cotton by the end there, and didn't make more even though there were a couple of other people I could have made one for (so if you want one, you can ask!). I did make one more last week, however; not a Christmas present, but a birthday present for MaryEllen. Cupcake with candle!
Beyond the washcloths, I knit up a couple of little things more for Mum. A snitch for my fellow Harry Potter fan:
A crab, not because she is crabby but in tribute to a crab we saw on vacation years ago, an enormous inflatable one over the roof of a restaurant:
And finally, another one that needs a little explaining. It's a heart, that much is clear. But if you look at the pattern photos, it's much clearer there that it says Mum.


In my case, I wanted to use the yarn left from the shawl I made her last Christmas, and it turns out there isn't enough distinction between the two for it to be clear. But she doesn't mind. Mothers are good that way.

I'm starting to wobble again, so I'm off to rest more. Another time, I'll get into other gifts given, and happy gifts received. It was indeed a Merry Christmas!


  1. I love my birthday washcloth! And the soap smells fabulous. (And oh look, it's the little knitted crab that I wanted to steal! SO CUTE.)

  2. That is some great knitting! I hope you are feeling better; I have been under the weather too--stupid cold weather.