Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sock It To Me

The other night, being close to finishing the sock, I knit some decreases and then tried it on to see if it was a good length.

Yup! No toes showing.

So that was 8 stitches left on the needle, making a nice square toe that seems to fit the shape of my own toes better than the typical.

Maggie was bemused. "That's inside-out!"

I know, kitty, I was weaving in the ends. Here it is, right-side out, and on the sock blocker (though not yet washed, which will smooth it out a little more).

I really love how the colors worked around the heel.
Although, full disclosure, the purple-to-purple on the other side has a little grey in between.
But still very much fun socks.
I cast on the second one Sunday night, and like the first, it has two stitches of red at the start.

So they should be real, identical twins; we'll see.

I have quite a lot of yarn left over, 17 grams of a 50-gram ball. I think I might make some matching wrist warmers (like these [blog link there, Ravelry link here], that I made years ago), unless something else comes to mind. It's a shame to waste such perfect stripes!

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AlisonH said...

That is such a cool sock!