Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Slightly Grumpy

I am, honestly, happy to have a job. I am, in fact, grateful. However, learning yesterday that my department, to combat some overwhelming projects, is required to work 50-hour weeks until further notice, starting immediately, put me into a place where I had to sit at my desk, repeating to myself, "I need a job. I am lucky to have a job. I am grateful to have a job. I appreciate being able to pay my bills."

Could I repeat the salient point, though? Starting immediately. As in, yesterday. As in, it's the week before Christmas, and I have, oh, one or two little things to do before I leave for my trip. And guess what? I'll have seven and a half fewer hours to do these things this week, plus as a bonus I'll be even more tired!

Yes, their timing could hardly have been worse. Say it along with me: "I need a job. I am lucky to have a job. I am grateful to have a job." Yes, indeedy.

Shall we look at some pretty pictures, to cheer ourselves up? Let's.

On Saturday, I spent some time with friends, in Rhode Island, and it included this:

And this:

Every single bite and sip was delicious, by the way. If you're ever in or near Warren, RI, you must, simply must go to the Basically British Tea Room. And have a scone with clotted cream for dessert.

In addition to the fabulous food, the decor is amazing. It's in an old mill or something, I forget, and it's partly an antique store, too. Which explains this:

But not really this:

Or this:

And who could resist this juxtaposition of titles?

I was afraid to open "Why Keep Them Alive?" The title was too great, I felt it was bound to disappoint.

I don't have a picture of it, but I completed the first sock of the current pair. Here it is, shortly before:

Harold just couldn't believe that I didn't mean the dangly yarn to be his toy.

I am so put upon.

I tried to explain, things that come like this are all his. (Don't you love it, Cat Toy for Cats? As opposed to the ones for dogs, I suppose.)

(Blogger, quit rotating my photos, you're getting on my last nerve.)

Listen, just because I play with the so-called cat toys doesn't mean that everything isn't a toy if I want it to be.


  1. Even though you're upset your sense of humor is coming through with the Harold captions and photos :)

    I just love the "Mind the Gap" photo. The husband tells me that every time there's an unexpected step so he will get quite a chuckle. I do have a question though - what's that stuff in the cup. It's not a scone with clotted cream, is it? It looks like some sort of whipped cream on hot chocolate?? But I want some!

  2. This is crazy! Who does that? My office has basically accepted that everyone will be out starting pretty much now, and thus expectations have been lowered drastically. Increasing the amount of hours we're required to work would basically just cause us to all use more vacation hours.