Sunday, April 21, 2024

Look at This!

Look what I got!

Isn't it beautiful? I found it on Facebook Marketplace, for just $60. (Not my first purchase through FBM, but this is even better than the last one.)

And think of how much yarn it will hold!
There is a very faded sticker on the back, which says Matter Brothers, and the original price of $769.99. How long ago was that, I wonder?

As soon as it was in the door, Maggie was sniffing it very great interest. She knew the sellers had a cat, I guess.

(You can see the black Ikea square thing in the background behind her, which is where I put the chest; the new spot for the Ikea thing is below.)
Sniff, sniff, sniff! Happily for me, I can't smell anything other than a faint wood scent. I have a fairly good sense of smell for a human, but not like hers must be.

It fits perfectly here.
And will hold SO much yarn! You may have noticed that I've bought a lot this year, and it has to go somewhere.
There are a couple of scratches on the top, but nothing serious.
It's solid, without being so heavy I can't move it myself. Not easily, mind you (says the bruise on my foot), but I moved it.

And the Ikea thing got moved next to another one that was on the opposite wall. I think it will work there!

Less than an hour of driving to get it, sixty bucks, and a little sweat equity. Well worth it! Time to start playing around with yarn arrangements.

 Do you have any fun bargain stories to tell?


  1. That's a beautiful piece and perfect for storage! I've never bought anything through FB marketplace. I have gotten some excellent deals on my Buy Nothing site, like a stroller and high chair for when my grandsons come to visit.

    1. Where I lived in MA, there were active Buy Nothing and Freecycle groups, but where I am now, it's more spread out, and so there are things I might take if they weren't so much farther away that it isn't really free anymore. I'm not spending a lot of time looking through FBM, but I lucked out with this.

  2. It's gorgeous!! Way to give it another life.

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy with it. Beauty AND function!

  3. It's beautiful! What a great find!

  4. You did well with that buy. And it's Maggie Inspected and Approved!

    1. Ha! Yes, and she isn't done inspecting it, either, she keeps sniffing it when she passes. What a sense of smell she has.