Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Step ... Toward Bed

While I wouldn't say today was a total regression, it's true that I've felt more tired today than I did the past couple of days. No laundry today! It's also dark (so early, so sad), and it's been raining and isn't going to stop--though it did occur to me to be grateful that the temperature* is keeping it from being snow, because a foot or two of snow would really knock my mood down.
*It's in the 40s, and actually supposed to go UP a little overnight. Suits me fine.

Another thing making me happy today is that my new neighbor put a wreath up on her hall door, which is right next to mine, so I smell fabulous Christmas-tree scent whenever I open my door. Love it!

I'm not kidding about being tired, though; I stopped writing this to go lie down for a few minutes (and make Carlos very happy). Funny thing, going back to the weather: I had the window open a crack, for his lordship, and the air coming in certainly felt cold! If I hadn't checked it, I would have assumed I should be worrying about snow, but apparently it's 46 right just felt so cold!

On the other hand, as we all know, winter is not my season.

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  1. we got a fake tree for the first time this year and I am TOTALLY missing the real tree smell. I need to burn some pine candles!