Thursday, November 03, 2016

I'm Bullet-Point Tired

Some things I learned today:
  • Putting a bandage on one finger decreases my ability to type by far more than 10%. It's like the other nine fingers, instead of pitching in and working harder, are more Eh, what's the point?
  • Relatedly, I learned last night that the edge of the calcium chew wrapper is sharp, as I drew blood on the tip of my left index finger. Or re-learned, really, since some years ago I remember cutting my lip on one. Also not fun. Let's be careful around those!
  • I use that finger so much. I hope it's mostly usable tomorrow.
  • My company has hired a "branding guru" to guide us through our "transformation journey." The email states this, along with so much jargon it is barely comprehensible. There is also at least one subject-verb disagreement, some extremely dubious grammar, and details of a photo contest whose winners will receive things like a weekend trip (in the UK), Premiere League tickets (also UK), and the honor of having their photos posted in the office (in the UK).
  • The winners will be announced on January 13th. I looked at the calendar, and sure enough, they picked a Friday the 13th. Classic.
  • Did I mention that we recently learned that our office is moving, and they're making the move the weekend before Thanksgiving? Which is, you know, a major holiday in the US for which many if not most people travel?
  • They could hardly make it less clear that they don't care about us here in the US without closing the office, and since I'm not convinced they won't decide to do that, you can understand why I worry.
  • Judging by Facebook, a LOT of my friends were watching the baseball game last night. And it went very late; I can't imagine how much more tired I would be today, had I been one of them.
  • I have felt very slightly under the weather today, not truly sick-sick but a bit of a sore throat, and decided to pass on swimming, and get groceries instead. If I already feel as tired as if I had exercised, then I am excusing myself. Since I joined this gym in late April, I have gone to class twice most weeks, and at least once every week. I'm doing okay.
  • Back to the office move: Among some more information we've received about the move is that there are a number of parking garages in the area, with a note of which one "seems to be the cheapest," so I looked it up. It's $17 a day, $335 a month--or $425 a month, which would seem to imply that your $335 a month does not guarantee you a spot. Who can afford that? That's like 10% of my salary.
  • Back to the lighter side: There is a company that is redefining "nude" in terms of women's underwear, and making seven shades from light to dark. So awesome!
  • While watching the latest episode of the Bruins reality show, I learned that Torey Krug and David Pastrnak have an odd little ritual in the pregame warm-ups. Jump ahead to 13:50 to see them kiss each others' gloves, then spin around on their knees. Kind of weird, kind of adorable.

All right, kind of very weird...


  1. That is adorably weird!

    Also, nooooooo on the sore throat and tired-ness! Those have been the hallmarks of the bug that's going around.

  2. Oh good lord, that office situation sounds stressful. You're still going to be able to work from home aren't you? I hope so.