Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Some Improvement, Actually!

I had every intention of blogging after stitch and bitch last night, to share the happy news that finally, finally I felt some improvement in my health after this damned cold has been around so long. However, the asterisk on that news is that I'm not quite back to full health yet, and when I got home I was so tired I sat down to gather my strength to get ready for bed, and only got more tired, so, yeah. Heading in the right direction at last, but Not There Yet.

Still! It's good news, even if I have to rest a lot more than normal. Do you  know what I did yesterday? Laundry! For the first time in weeks! (Boy, was I ever scraping the bottom of the underwear drawer.) And I did more today! I must say, being sick really makes me regret that one of my compromises, when I bought this place ten years ago, was in-unit laundry. Putting two flights of stairs between me and the machines didn't seem like a problem then, and even now it normally isn't, but when I'm sick? Yeah, not going to happen. Two loads yesterday and two more today did not by any means catch me up, but it's a start.

I had hoped that I would feel well enough to go to swimming tonight, but that clearly wouldn't be a good idea, given how I feel after work (exhausted, vaguely sore, and still bothered by that weird taste in my mouth [though that last one wouldn't have kept me from going]). So I will spend a quiet evening, folding my clean laundry, and cutting my fingernails, which have reached the point of interfering with contact lens maintenance. And I will watch the start of the Bruins game, anyway, though I may not make it to the end. The better they play, the longer I'll make it, probably, but a 7:30 start time means I probably won't make the third period anyway. Oh well. It's a long season.

And I feel better!

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