Wednesday, January 07, 2015

More Knit Progress, and A Timely Hockey Reminder

I'm proud to say that last night, I finished the second sock of the latest bike pair (photos to come, in daylight). That makes it my fastest pair on the bike, only two months since I started them: November 10 to January 6 (versus 7.5 months for the previous pair, and 9 months for the pair before that). Woohoo!

And all the biking is really paying off (sarcasm alert). Why, my hips ache today, and last fall I gained about 10 pounds*! So that's all awesome and worth it.
*Which is partly the medication I was on for a few months, and partly the holidays, no doubt. Hopefully it starts to come off, one of these days.

Sigh. This is why it's good that at least I have the socks to show for all my time and effort.

Meanwhile, the Bruins game tonight (which, oddly, starts at 8 instead of 7; they're only in Pittsburgh) marks the halfway point of the season, and as Stanley Cup of Chowder put it this morning, "This is no longer an IR issue or a slump, this is the 2014-2015 Boston Bruins and there are only so many chances to turn it around." I certainly won't be staying up late to watch the whole thing, since the odds of the game being worth it are exceedingly low, and I'm tired.

However, this video serves as a timely reminder that although the Bruins may be sucking this year, hockey itself is pretty cool. I like hockey. I remember now.

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